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Freaking out need reassurance

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Long story short. My current husband continues to have a volatile relationship with his ex. We really try our best to get along with her, but it keeps getting thrown back in our face.

She is irresponsible when it comes to the kids and their schoolwork. He sent her a text today asking her to help encourage their son to be responsible about a specific item. She got angry and bit back that he was abusing her.

Christmas Gifts from BM

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Tell me if I am being oversensitive here....Our stepkids BM insists on taking them shopping for everyone in our family (me, husband, grandparents, my daughter). Normally I'd say this was thoughtful. But it's weird b/c she hates her ex (my husband) and barely speaks to me. My husband also takes them shopping for gifts for all, so in the end everyone gets 2 gifts. We are trying to teach the kids about not going into excess and this kind of contradicts that. Plus she ends up getting really tacky things so it's a waste.

What would you do in this situation?

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Would love all feedback on this particular issue:

I am sm of twin boys age 7. We have them 50/50 and just got through with a large chunk of time with them (some of which included Halloween). Both boys during their time here were having difficulty sleeping every night, either coming down to our bed, getting in to each other's bed or asking to sleep in the same room as their 4 year old ss. This was a change in behavior for the most part.

Volunteer at SS School - thoughts?

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Hi. I just joined today and have never done this before so apologize if I get any of the abbreviations wrong. Gosh- I am recently remarried to a wonderful man with a not wonderful ex. She was completely distraught about their divorce even though during their marriage she was cruel to him (why he left). Since I've come into the picture (together for 2 years) it's been nasty with her. I'm the enemy. Were damaging the kids. Blah blah blah. All my other friends are still married happily in their 1st marriages so I have felt so alone and like I've happened upon this unique crazy situation.