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Talking to SD8 about the separation

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Not like it matters now but I'm curious if others feel the way I do.

I have left DH. I had two options, another state 20
Hours away, or another city in current state 3 hours away. I chose the 3 hours. I want my son to see his father as much as possible. Even if it's harder on me. Moving states away is just not in the best interest of my son and his relationship with his parents. Even though the states away option is a better choice for me personally. It was a hard decision to make.

Finally leaving DH

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I've been asked here before why do I stay.
Embarrassed, (in the past) I have deleted previous blogs of me complaining about him. I kinda wish I hadn't now so I could have a good memory of our past incidents.

I kept looking for reasons to stay. No matter how insignificant or petty it was, if it was a reason, it took it and ran. (Or stayed in this case).

Tax question!

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State Florida.

Okay so the CS order states BM claims SD on her taxes every year. They went back to court for a modification because she stopped working. She has zero income so they raised his child support. (I know. Fucked up. Whatever)

Anyway. The tax thing was never discussed. It was just kept the same in the papers. Dh and his attorney didn't think of mentioning it.

So BM has no job. She gets financial aid for schooling but that's all that I know of.
She's not married but her BF pays all the bills.

BM might have just ruined DH's day.

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When we have SD, her mother barely calls her lately. And when she does it's a quick hello, checks up on SD, and then goodbye. Well today is Father's Day and Dh and SD are hanging out having a moment when her fucking mother calls. Ugh. We wouldn't have even answered it if SD didn't see her name and knew who it was. Then her mother had a long drawn out talk with her.....

Gurrreat. BM isn't going to like this.

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I posted bout this when it happened. Not sure if I deleted it since.

But. We give BM a calendar of our days a year in advance because DH's work schedule is a predictable rotation.
Mind you that is a favor we for BM but it also makes things easier for us too.
Technically we are just supposed to let her know our days 30 days in advance.

Sd was supposed to sleep over MIL's.

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It's almost 10pm and MIL asked to have SD today (planned in advanced) and asked if she could sleep over.

It's nlw 10 pm and she's askinf DH to pick her up. Wtf? dH won't get home from work till 11. He's been working all day. MIL doesn't talk to me because I told her of (and I don't mind that she doesn't).
But seriously? You live 2 miles away and you know I'm home. Why cant she drop her off? And really?! ITS 10PM!!

why is SD even awake?!

Holy fuck.

Something smart to say to grab her attention?

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BM is ignoring us.

We don't comunicate with her often but sd was sick and she took her to the doctors. Of course that means there's a co-pay and non working sit on ass all day BM has been haggling us for money. We just need to write her a check for literally $6. It's just IM not doing it and DH has picked up a lot more hours at work so he's been working a lot.
She texts is almost everyday about the $6....cause I guess that's breaking her bank.

Well now she's ignoring us. And we think it's because she hasn't gotten the $6 for the copay yet.