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Current Status

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Hey All! Happy New Year! Or atleast it will be when SD heads back to college next week. It's been a struggle for me with her her here. If you've read my past blogs this isn't much different. I blog simply to vent to people who get it as I'm assuming most on here do. Soooo... SD was supposed to split up her time here according to HER between our house and her Mother's... that hasn't happened. Can't enforce really since she's an "adult". It's her choice. But in my opinion she creates a toxic environment which I've stated before makes me feel physically ill...

NYE and the Witch is here!

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Hey All! Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and if any luck you're going to enjoy a nice night at home without your Skids there!

So my SD18 got home from college the week before X-Mas. I absolutely hate when she's here. If you've read my past blogs you know how I feel about her! SS20 has been home since Thanksgiving and I feel the complete opposite about him! He's sweet, helpful, doesn't complain when asked to do / not do something, etc. SD18 is a total bi#$h unless things are exactly as she wants them to be... her way. 

Unappreciated and Insulted

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Well this week has pretty much been a shitty one. SD18 has been home from college and thank God is going back today for a few weeks until Christmas. Then she'll be home until late January... UGGHHHH... but supposedly splitting her time between our house and mommy dearest's. 

So I am just going to rant for a few minutes here as I currently hate everyone in the house- except my cats of course! 

SD is "depressed"..

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It's been awhile since I've posted which is a good thing! On one of the best days of my life SD18 left the state and went to college nearly 2 months ago! DH and I have been loving life and enjoying time together like we never got to before. Ex-psychoe and the misery she brought into our lives has been becoming a distant memory... things are just TOO good.

Light at the end...

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Well the day finally came! The day I have been dreaming about for the last seven years.. SD18 left yesterday morning for College!!!!! She is now 2 hours away in a beautiful city... she is super happy and so am I! Trying to be sensitive to DH as obviously he feels a bit differently than I do. Still- we are both enjoying this super new feeling of total freedom in our home and not having to share it with anyone else for once. Still, because of Covid I hold my breath and hope it will be a full semester and she won't be back until Winter.

Punished for power

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First off- SD leaves for college in exactly 3 weeks.. I'm SOOO happy. In the meantime I'm just trying to hang in there. 
Earlier this week a tropical storm hit us hard and knocked out power for about 50% of the state. We were out for 2 days. SD was at her Mother's... a freaking tree hit the power lines at her house and knocked power out there too.

Depressed :/

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Starting to feel really depressed and angry. I'm sick of having no control over my own home and whose in it. In my last several blogs I've talked about SD17 fighting with her Mom and refusing to go back there leaving DH and I with her here 24/7. I hate her and pretty much spend my normal life avoiding her the weeks she's here so not even being able to leave with her here is weighing on me big time. 

I'm so miserable with SD here

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I am so miserable with SD here. I've been in such a bad mood that she is back here. DH had a convo with her on Monday to see what is going on with her and BM and why she needed to come back here. Obviously as I already suspected they are just bickering like two teenage girls- OH WELL- TOO BAD- I don't care!!!! She's not in danger over there or being abused- just two caddy bi#$@'s that can't get along for a week. She needs to go the F back over there. I'm sick of SD and BM's games and we always pay the price. This has been YEARS of drama and I'm so sick of it.