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OT- Licking Paper

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Just a little vent. We have department meetings once a week. An agenda is usually given to all attendees.

One of my fellow co-workers always seems to volunteer to pass out the agenda. Great right? No? She puts her finger in her mouth and LICKS every paper she passes to someone. Either get a rubber thumb or don't pass the paper out.

OT- DH's High School Friend strikes again!!!!

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Whoever commented on the previous blogs about DH's friend, and her wanting to be part of his life......YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD.

I have been on a FB break, but decided to update my profile picture. I posted a pic of me and DH. I love the picture because DH is genuinely smiling. I am kissing him on the cheek.

DH commented on the picture, "VERY NICE PICTURE". He put an emoji with two hearts as eyes. My response was "I love this picture because your smile is genuine."

OT- Supervisors

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How do you handle a supervisor that wants to know your personal business, but has made it known you will know nothing about his personal business?

I recently started a new job and my supervisor doesn't share anything about his personal life. I am fine with this because I firmly believe work life and home life need to be kept separate. However, I notice he will ask personal questions here and there.

In my older age I have learned to simply not answer questions pertaining to my personal life. I do notice the younger workers will pour their hearts out.

OT- If it's not on FB it doesn't matter!!!

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I decided to limit my time on FB drastically. I go on every 2 weeks to clear out my notifications. I do not post anything nor have I updated my profile or cover photo.

Two people, one who is related to me, posted on my timeline: "how are you? What is new?" So was my phone number lost? It's almost as if, if it's not posted on FB it doesn't matter.

If anything is new or wrong I'm certainly not going to post on FB for all to see. Whatever happened to a good ole fashioned phone call?! Heck I will take a text.

OT- DH'S high school friend (Update)

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This passed Saturday DH planned me a surprise birthday dinner at a local restaurant. It was a small intimate gathering. If you guessed DH's friend was among the guests, you are correct.

She was very quiet and didn't say much during dinner. It was only six of us. The rest of us were talking, laughing, joking and chair dancing. She just kind of sat there.

The only thing she did that annoyed me was I was showing DH a picture on my phone of two family members. I put my phone away, she said, "I'd like to see." I told her, "too late I already put my phone away."

OT- 13 Reasons Why

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Recently I decided to watch 13 Reasons Why, the Netflix series. I remember first hearing about the show and not wanting to watch. The story centers around a girl named Hannah's suicide. 13 Reasons why Hannah committed suicide.

While this show was painful and uncomfortable to watch it definitely shed a huge light on what teens are going through today. I have had my share of bullies from elementary on up to high school. Heck even in the workplace if I am being honest. Teens today have to deal with cyber-bullying which in my opinion is bullying to the 10th power.