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We just found out that SS has covid. It came from his stepdad, who was covid+ since the week-end. He and BM decided to not send kids to school (SS and their 3yo) but didn't judged necessary to isolate the stepdad. 
Result is : they ALL have COVID and SS is bad. 

From SS10 dental fees to master drama

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I though drama were behind us. 

Today MIL called DH. DH answered cause he though it was about his grand mother who has cancer. 
MIL was furious, out of nowhere. 

She claimed that DH didn't wish her merry christmas. He replied by saying that since she doesn't treat DS like SS, he doesn't want her to be part of our family. 

Good friend make me feel terrible about SS

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Today i've seen a very good friend of mine. We see each other around christmas every year as she lives near my parent.

Today we talked about our lives, like normal friends. She take somes news about DS and DH, but then started to talk about SS.

According to her DH must take SS full time custody to "fix him" from manipulative MIL and BM education. 
She let me understand that DH wasn't a good father to rise two children in two different ways. SS needs and deserves the same education than DS. It's not fair to him. 

Thank you MIL, just feeling DS not part of SS family

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SS spent a week with us and we celebrate christmas with him on 23th. 
I was really anxious about the holidays but things went almost well. 
However, he still badmouth behind our back. This time it was not about DH or me but about DS.
He spent some time at home with BS and BS's nanny when he didn't want to go out with DH. 

Please, leave my son’s teeth in peace !

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My son has a really beautiful smile ! I know it's my son, but every people he has met said that too. Even when he did not have any tooth.

But my wonderful devil MIL, who only visited him 4 times in one year (but who will go to visit SS EOWE) find the only way to attack my son : his teeth. They are a bit discarded at the front. 
Last time (and least time) she saw him, the only thing she said about him, and in front of him was : 

MIL : oh my god, it's soooo sooo shocked about his teeth

Me : you see ? He has plenty now ! 

Visitation starts today, and i’m anxious

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Today SS comes for the christmas holidays. 
Last year has been the worst holidays ever because of all the drama BM and MIL brought. 
SS was supposed to come spend christmas with us at my family, but he was sick and BM refused to let him covid tested. She was supported by MIL. 
She didn't want to traumatise him, which 1 year later still seems soo ridiculous regarding the context (he is tested now about once a week due to numerous school covid contacts). 

SS leaves this afternoon, can’t wait !

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It's been a while since i haven't posted on ST. 
I had a pretty huge week, with SS here, baby, me teleworking (COVID-19 contact, thanks i'm negative !), my DS nanny sick, DH working a lot etc...

SS arrived last saturday, with absolutely no game, he forgot his electronic game and as he always brings to BM the toys DH buy, there is pretty nothing left here. 

He is punished of extra activities because everytimes he went, DH was doing the impossible to entertain him, and went he went back to BM he always said it was boring. 

And MIL came to visit this afternoon

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As many of you has contributed to my last blog, here are some update about MIL visitation story.

First, i absolutelly don't trust her and never will. I know her intentions are not good, and that she doesn't have any affection for my baby at all. 

This bonding thing must be an attempt to catch up with DH and win back some destructive power in our lifes.

And now, MIL wants to see my son !

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For the ones who doesn't know what's going on with my evil dysfunctionnal MIL, i invite you to read my previous blogs...

Today, MIL called DH. She told him she felt bad about her behaviour with our baby. She agreed that she had made huge differences between SS and BS, and that she wanted to be forgiven.

She told she want to see BS once a week, in our house. To bond with him because they have the same blood.

 I know it's all about lies and crap. This woman is so mean, there is no option she wants to change. 

Here we go : BM asked DH to build her house

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Dear STalks blogger, 

If you need to untertain and listen to a crazy story, here we go ! 
BM asked to DH if he could help her and stepfather to build their house.

In fact, they have bought a parcel, and want to build on it. DH is a subtrade artisan and have is own business, that's why BM though it could be natural to ask DH for free help on it !