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And now, MIL wants to see my son !

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For the ones who doesn't know what's going on with my evil dysfunctionnal MIL, i invite you to read my previous blogs...

Today, MIL called DH. She told him she felt bad about her behaviour with our baby. She agreed that she had made huge differences between SS and BS, and that she wanted to be forgiven.

She told she want to see BS once a week, in our house. To bond with him because they have the same blood.

 I know it's all about lies and crap. This woman is so mean, there is no option she wants to change. 

Here we go : BM asked DH to build her house

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Dear STalks blogger, 

If you need to untertain and listen to a crazy story, here we go ! 
BM asked to DH if he could help her and stepfather to build their house.

In fact, they have bought a parcel, and want to build on it. DH is a subtrade artisan and have is own business, that's why BM though it could be natural to ask DH for free help on it ! 

SS asked to switch days between evil MIL and DH

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Today, SS called DH and told him he was on holidays at evil MIL house since friday. 
DH didn't know it (he cut ties with his family) and SS didn't mention it when he called DH on saturday. 

SS told that MIL had a lot of work. Since she works as a cleaning lady for people, she takes SS with her, and he sits playing with his eletronic games all days long, from client to client. 
He told that MIL couldn't do anything differently because she had to earn money.

Do some BM send bratty teens to live with DH/SO?

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Hello there, 

Today, i was talking with a friend about SS situation and behaviour. 
She nicely told me that since he has such problems now, and that nor DH neither BM really work on it, there is probability he will turn into a problematic teen. 
She also told me that in those circonstances, BM often sends the problematic teenager to live with dad. 

Too polite to be honest - SS continue to lie

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So today after work i went to the activity centre to pick up SS. 

What a surprised when i discovered SS was waiting with another little boy and his mother. 
The little boy was yonger than SS, probably 6 or 7 YO. He seemed eager to see me and said to SS : Is it her ? 
Then, he looked at me and said : i have something to tell you. His mother was just behind him. 

I did not understand what was going on. SS answered rapidly to me "No, he has nothing to tell you, let's go !" 

Step mon in society

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Hi all, 

Today i'm not talking about my step situation, but how steps are perceived in the society. 
I had a long chat with some collegues at work about blended familly. Two of them are BM, and i'm the only Step one. 
It's extremely crazy how people are exigent towards step.

I have heard the "you choose someone with kids, you take the package" concept. Which i replyed "you choose to divorce and to rebuild your life with someone with no kid, you take the package too".

An entire day alone with SS and BS

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Today is national day in my country.

I don't work, my BS baby sitter either. SS activity center is closed but DH needs to work. 

I agreed to stay home with the children only because we have camera everywhere in the house. I absolutely don't trust him anymore so it's my only way to feel safe at home. 
I specified DH i won't entertain SS today. Only basical watch and meals. He will have to entertain himself, because since his "i was bored" last time drama, DH explained to him that no extra will be planned for him anymore. 

SS is here ! Disengaging starts now

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So SS is here for his july holidays week. 

Before his arrival, i was wondering if i will have a serious talk with him. He already had a serious talk with BM and DH weeks before, about his behaviour, attitude, manipulative talks, lies and drama. 

And i decided to have a talk with him too. During all these years, i never ever said something to SS. Never ever ! It was my big first. Here it is : 

SS arrived this moring, with his obsequious tone "hi, i'm reeeeally happy to see you". 
Me : are you SS ? Are you really ? With you, who knows..