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Thriller : Must history repeat itself ?

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This blog post will be a little different from the older as i will tell the story of SO dysfunctional family.


Many many years ago, when MIL divorced, she decided to leave her children to their grand parents (her own parents) and to focus on her niece. 


This little girl lived with her mother (MIL sister) and her stepfater. This man had a good career and MIL was deeply jealous of the couple. 

When the couple had a baby, problems began. The niece was pushed by MIL to lie about bad treatment. 

When SS is used as a weapon to destroy my family

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It has been few weeks since SS9 made his big drama, manipulated by ILs.

MIL and SIL are incredibly jealous of the family we built SO and I. This jealousy exploded when my son was born, few months ago. 


We cut every links, so they use the last weapon : poor SS. 

I used to have a good relationship with him. I used to share time and sweetness. We were confident about our family balance before my son birth.

Why am i becoming a selfish monster ?

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In 5 months i went from a SS loving state of mind (including expecting my son will have his charactere) to anxious thoughts when it comes to him. 

I deeply know it's not his own falt at all. I deeply know i crystallize all the tension on him. 
I understand it's all about ILs, and a bit about SO (who were scared and apologized for making a new child at the begining). 


Becoming a new mon in a blended family

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I jumped in blended adventure many years ago with my BF who has a 9yo son. 
During all those years, we had a beautiful relationship and i was close to my SS. 

Then, last year, i became pregnant.
During all my pregnancy, everything and everyone were focused on SS and his well-being. 
How will he react? What should we do to let him find his place in this new family? 
I have always been highly concerned by him, always loving, gentle.... including during this period.