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Everynight he sleeps on couch.

Everynight TV is on.

I get no sleep.

When I get up from bed from being woke he will say out loud “oh no here comes bitchy”

This is my fiancé that I am talking about.

Next morning he acts like nothing.

How many ppl on here has to have a TV on to sleep?

How many ppl on here can’t stand a TV on to sleep?






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need advice on how to get SS age 13 to take shower, brush teeth ect..  One shower during the week he is here. We also have him all summer break and four showers total was taken. I buy shower products for him to maybe get him interested in hygiene but it doesn’t seem to work. We have lived together for two years now and I give each child in house thier own toothpaste tube......I have never had to replace his yet. 

Any suggestions??




Eating at table

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when a meal is made n ready,  everyone will sit at table( no tech is allowed at dinner time) SS will eat in living room(where there he watches YouTube) also meal made is eaten by everyone except SS who is 13, he don’t like it(this happens at EVERY meal. So DH asks him if he wants pizza every time. 



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Who gets bigger bedrooms? Each child will have thier own room to themselves. My two children are here full-time.  They have things in totes such as Safe keeps, toys, clothing etc. I was thinking of them having the two bigger rooms when moving into new place in order for  there are things to fit so to be organized better instead of storing their items located here n there in different rooms. Does that make sense?


New place

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Opinion please! Understand I have 2 boys, full custody.( home all the time)  He has 1 boy, (we have his boy every other week.  Moving to new place. They each will have their own rooms. All three bedrooms are different sizes, so who gets what room?


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My children go to bed with no tv. SS is allowed a tv on. He has it loud, I’ll ask for it to be turned down but minutes later he turns it back up.

I have already discussed with dad. Nothing done.

It interferes with my sleep.