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With SD15’s holiday visit just around the corner, I am contemplating whether or not DH and I should bring up hygiene standards for the long visit. SD15 went as 6 days without bathing during her last long visit. Disgusting.

I want to remain disengaged. However, I see her nasty habits as a health hazard to my young son. And to me! Think of how many times she picks her nose or wipes her butt!


6 days! NO SHOWER

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I have no hope of changing this behavior of SD15’s. I just wanted to get on here and share it so we could all give a collective sigh of disgust and bewilderment. So that we could cry together about the absurdity of it even being an issue for any human being, whether grown or young. 

SD15 has not bathed for 5 days. FIVE DAYS. Can you imagine how itchy she must feel?? I know my butt as well as everything else would be itchy with filth after that long without bathing. Her hair is so greasy too. FIVE DAYS. And it is looking like six after today.





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need advice on how to get SS age 13 to take shower, brush teeth ect..  One shower during the week he is here. We also have him all summer break and four showers total was taken. I buy shower products for him to maybe get him interested in hygiene but it doesn’t seem to work. We have lived together for two years now and I give each child in house thier own toothpaste tube......I have never had to replace his yet. 

Any suggestions??