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Everynight he sleeps on couch.

Everynight TV is on.

I get no sleep.

When I get up from bed from being woke he will say out loud “oh no here comes bitchy”

This is my fiancé that I am talking about.

Next morning he acts like nothing.

How many ppl on here has to have a TV on to sleep?

How many ppl on here can’t stand a TV on to sleep?





Having a SD is way harder than I thought

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My fiancé and I have been together three years now, we met at work and started as a fling, I was 21 when we first met. Then as time went on he saw I was pretty decent with his daughter, I honestly blame that on the fact I have 14 nieces I had to help raise, so yeah I’m okay with kids but after so long I lost traction. When we became serious I just sort of froze up and became my mother with better skin tone. I find myself always mad.