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I can't tell this girl to do anything. Won't go to her room and has to mouth off and have the last word every time. I'm done. Counting the days until she's 18. She walks out of the house and pitches a fit. I hate this. I am so tired of her mouth. I can't wait until she's out of my house.

I dont know what to do

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SD15 told me she bought drugs at school for her boyfriend because he asked her to do it and she did it. She used to steal a lot for her friend she's been obsessed with for years (she spent mother's day weekend with that friend). I went out of town left DH there and not only did she get to stay the night with the friend but now she skipped school amd claimed nauseous and cramps... we alre as dt got a truancy letter shewoukdnt turn in dr notes.

SD14 is so full of it just psycho

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She sent lut the pic from months ago AGAIN to new people for pity. Its of her poor legs all scwatched up from "cutting"...but scratch looks bad but so minor vanished in two hours.

Tells these people every one she comes around how abused and neglectex she is. I am SO SICK OF HER BORDERLINE BULLSHIT. I praise and praise and pat and awwwwww and just wamt to shake her and say WTF is wro g with you???

eww haha bath once a week SD14

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So I used to make her shower, but IDGAF Any more. She showers once a week. She brushes her teeth skmetimes before bed but SKIPS WEEKENDS. she smells. She is so gross.

She NEVER lived with BM since age 2 and visitation sith BM was very very few. But BMs DH said BM wont bath or brush her teeth but once a week either!! He said she nasty. (I kept my mouth shut im not stupid)

Nasty SD14 rolls her little eyes in her fat face when I so nicely try to talk to her about hygeine. She so nasty its gross. She eats as much as dh and me together.

awful sd14

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I try so so hard. I say awww and smile and act like I like this girl. But she is so terrible. Borderline personality disorder manipulations nonstop. Just awful. I can't stand the girl. She is manipulative, two faced, and nasty. Its Friday and she bathed last on.Monday. she trashes me (lies) to other people and other people to me. We used to believe her claims of abuse until I saw what she made up about me.

I can't wait until she is 18.

defiant SD14

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Backtalking, disrespect, and pure defiance. I said go to your room seven times and each time she backtalked. She stood on a step over me glaring in my face and said "you're a.... I don't even know"... I said go to your room.

Yep you bet I raised my voice at her after constant mouthing. I told DH either she stay in her room when he no home or he find the high school crazypants a babysitter.

I wish she wouls have tried something I would have her removed so fucking fast.

crazypants SD14 at it again

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"Cutting" AKA scratching her leg. I told her one more weapon or one drug and she is getting kicked out. Seriously. Dh is all love you baby have a special day awww ♡♡ fucking gag.

The crazy girl is hitting and smacked kids at school. Eight grade. She carried a razor blade in her pocket to show people.

She sent pic of her leg to friends and copy pasted psycho paragraph to three kids..again... I will copy it and post it. Its so unbelievably manipulative and pathetic.

well hallelujah

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Therapist said she didn't mean its definitely not borderline personality disorder, especially since her mother has it. She clarified that at 14 they treat but dont diagnose it. She said she's starting DBT and treatment for it and if going that way maybe catch it.

So relieved. Therapist is on track.

Meeting school Monday to discuss 504 plan for emotional disturbed. What we can do with school to improve her education.

SD14 starts stuff at school then hyperventilates how she's bullied and harassed...

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She is so extreme and dramatic. She starts things with people at school and she sends out these texts to multiple kids then she gets all psycho falling in the floor bawling and hyperventilating about how this boy is harassing and bullying her for noooo reason at all and he has all the kids harassing her calling her whore and bitch.

Well, she started it. She texts him. She texts his girlfriend. Then when he said "Fat C*** leave me the f*** alone and stop f***ing texting me" she goes bat shit crazy about see how he abuses her!