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I can't tell this girl to do anything. Won't go to her room and has to mouth off and have the last word every time. I'm done. Counting the days until she's 18. She walks out of the house and pitches a fit. I hate this. I am so tired of her mouth. I can't wait until she's out of my house.

I am quitting. I am not asking her about her day or doing anything any more. She's on a massive destruction road and says she's going to college and shes special but she's failing ninth grade because she refuses to do homework. Ok. I tried and tried to help. Now it ia survival until she's out. When she mouths off, I will bite my tongue and ignore it. When she tells me off, I will keep my mouth shut. It was apparently all my bad for telling her to stop the mouthing off and go to her room. God I'm a monster. .how dare I ask her to go to her room. Yes, I am a monster and I'm simply done. yeah already been told to stop my selfish pity party and shut my face and leave princess alone and how im awful for taking her phone apps UNTIL SHE TURNS IN HER HOMEWORK because poor princess should have her phone apps soooo mean... poor angel. Turn in the fuxking homework simple get the apps unlocked on the phone. Simple.


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Went through this and am counting down the days until SS18 graduates and goes home to BM. Nothing I ever did was right, even if it was being nice. I was always a bitch no matter what. So, I told DH that he is officially a single parent when it comes to that one. He flipped out but it has saved my sanity! Plus I found a cheap therapist that lets me spew my anger for an hour a week. It's better than an hour at the spa!

See, I went through this whole phase of thinking I could help them and love on them and integrate them into our loving family. And maybe that happens sometimes. What I've realized for us at least is his mother is a crazy, greedy whore and her jacked up lifestyle and hatred for me and DH is constantly being nursed behind the scenes. Therefore SS18 will never come around. He's gonna graduate by the skin of his teeth, got fired from his job, and still won't take care of himself. From a mom perspective that really hurts that I couldn't help him more, HOWEVER I've had to realize I can't save him! What I can save is my sanity and my kids from following his path and thinking he's a cool role model. When they see he doesn't get attention because he's a jerk, it reinforces to them that behavior isn't acceptable. And DH, well he's totally on board with SS18 going back to BM, now that he's felt the full force of trying to parent him Smile