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I dont know what to do

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SD15 told me she bought drugs at school for her boyfriend because he asked her to do it and she did it. She used to steal a lot for her friend she's been obsessed with for years (she spent mother's day weekend with that friend). I went out of town left DH there and not only did she get to stay the night with the friend but now she skipped school amd claimed nauseous and cramps... we alre as dt got a truancy letter shewoukdnt turn in dr notes.

I think I will drug test her. But DH did nothing about it. I asked if he dealt with it and he told her "honey daddy doesn't like for you to buy drugs but I know princess didnt take the drugs"... all her friends she tomd she took three tramadol.

I want to tell the school but they wouldn't do anything either.

So... she'll do whatever she wants.


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So you'd let her skip school? You wouldn't feel like something should be done about no impulse control and no ability to say no to boyfriend or BFF? You'd let they boyfriend in the house and do nothing?

Edit t add: She said everyone in school.knows and she thinks theyre going to call me. Her friend at school won't sit with her over buying drugs. She also said she didnt take the pills she just told everyone she took them and swore she didn't bring it in the house.

As stated- I don't know what to do. Let her just spiral and rot because people are "confused" and "shocked" that I would consider doing anything? Just say aw too bad good luck not getting caught next time the boyfriend or BFF as you to steal or buy narcotics at school and carry it around? She knows its wrong ahe cant say no and she doesn't have impulse control.


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Shes borderline personality disorder. She's been in therapy a year weekly. Mother not involved. Dad let her stay home and she's already skipped a lot. When she tells stufd ita before she gets caught and usually playing victim too but she won't say no.

I'm tired. I'm going to tell the boyfriends mom. However she'd wanted to breakup but didn't want to have to do it...she told me thattwo days earlier.

Telling the therapist won't make a difference but already plan on that.

Gave up my house and moved schools last year because she was 'so victimized" later found out she was maki ng it all up and she was exaggerating. I'm not moving again. she probably wanted to see if i loved her enough to move and lose my house last year.

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Drugs are a dealbreaker for me. I call cops. Then I call DH. In that order.

I've decided this in advance of it ever happening. It would be nice if I never have to deal with. We shall see.

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You might tell her that if law enforcement catches her buying drugs they won't care if she is buying for her boyfriend or herself. She is the one that will be charged and have to face the consequences.

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oh she knows this but it doesn't matter I tell her until I'm blue in the face I told her the same thing about stealing. she doesn't get caught. school called and told me she skipped class and hanging out with girls in the locker room of course she told me the day before they called and told me that she was being bullied and she was timidly hiding in the hallway crying by herself.