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SD14 is so full of it just psycho

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She sent lut the pic from months ago AGAIN to new people for pity. Its of her poor legs all scwatched up from "cutting"...but scratch looks bad but so minor vanished in two hours.

Tells these people every one she comes around how abused and neglectex she is. I am SO SICK OF HER BORDERLINE BULLSHIT. I praise and praise and pat and awwwwww and just wamt to shake her and say WTF is wro g with you???

Now she's exaggerated her "suicide attempt" from the truth where she took a Tylenol and a Dayquil and a vitamin... and wrote dramatic letters and taped to my door and ER Dr said attention seeking jealousy. But now she's telling people she almost DIED and we yelled at her shes a bitch and that we finAlly took her to the ER because she was almoat dead and barely breathing. WTF COMPLETELY FALSE!!

I keep thinking she's getting better but she isnt. The mood stabilizer isn't helping. She's just this shitty person. Sad nonstop self pity and lying or a lot of exaggeration for pity wherever ahe can get it. BM is exact same way.

I'm so disappointed. She is sick in the head and I know this but it's really hard to deal with. I swear to God on my soul if she makes up one little lie about me abusing her ever again, she will be removed. I know I feel bad about that but I'm not risking my being taken to CPS for false allegations nor my toddler or so to be newborn being taken because SD14 is craycray and "paybacks people" -her words!!

DH knows this too.


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She is a menace to herself and others. 72 hour psych hold at a not very nice place. Can solve some of her problems and gives her a credibility factor of zero.

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So sorry you are going thru this crap. I had the same thing happen with my sd. I suggested family counseling which we would pay for and be involved in. Never happened. She wouldn't go. We couldn't make her. (she was 24 at the time) Such a drama queen. It is always interesting for me to realize a lot of us go thru the same crap.

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So sorry, 14 year old girls are the worst. She needs meds and consistent therapy. Unless that happens, this will always be your life. My SD18 is bipolar and not medicated properly. She is not welcome here until she gets help.

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She has psychiatrist and meds and WEEKLY therapy. $150+ a month for a year. She is "better" in such that she's not actively making up shit about me oh like i made her lunch daily but she'd hide lunchbox and told people I wouldn't let her eat breakfast or lunch!

She has people fix her plate at dinner and cut her meat and fix her potatoes along with the two six year old cousins. Its sick. She has to have a coloring book.

I fall for the "improvements" over and over and praise and I keep getting told by therapist poor sd doesn't feel luuuved or wanted and I need to parent better... I am very fair with consistent rules and consequences. We never scream at her never name called...but therapist said we call her bitch and slut and whore and lock her in her room with no light fkr days... THE FUCK????????????

Sad i am growi g to resent her and flat out dislike her. I'm 39 weeks pregnant. I took her to mall and bought three pair of jeans for her. She complained I did t buy new short shorts which she got three pair start of summer but they "shrank"... no she got fatter... Isaid no more shorts that ca t be worn at school but if long enough dfor school fine. Ugh.

Four fucking years.

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I would be sorely tempted to cut her off from her social media. But not before posting something like this...

This is psychochicks stepmother. Her internet access has been removed as she is manipulating people again. The photo of scratched legs were self inflicted 6 months ago and not a recent phenomena so please do not feel she is self abusing again. It is the wonder of modern technology that she can reuse the same photos over and over again. We do not starve her or abuse her. If anyone feels so strongly that a 39week pregnant woman is capable of inflicting such hatred upon a 14 yr old girl while taking care of a little one, please report away. But if my children are removed from my care because you felt SD was telling the truth and we are really THAT evil you are welcome to have her stay with you for the rest of the summer vacation period. Basically, she is jealous of anyone who takes attention away from her. She has never once volunteered to help me out by even carrying a bag of groceries. Never has she helped out by cleaning a sink or sweeping a floor. Yeah, I bet she never told any of you she has a another sibling on the way. Please do not feed into her crazy. It is hard enough living with it.

Then block her from everything. Someone who needs her meals cut up for her and a colouring book like the 'others' is not old enough for social media or internet access.

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She had no phone for a year and NO social media. Got it back in December.

She lost all of internet last month and all instagram. . and DH put a locking app on phone so she got only phone, text/kik, Facebook, and camera. We kept Facebook as no problems with her on that yet and I monitored it closely.

DH came home and turned it off altogether now. She had opportunity to talk to us about it. If she came to us and admitted doing it and said she has a problem, we would have added more limits on phone but she lied about it and now lost it AGAIN altogether.

She has psychiatrist and meds and WEEKLY therapy. We are consistent with reasonable consequences and not over harsh at all.we understand teens make bad decisions and mistakes. We dont over punish but do have consequences that are enforced. She knows the consequences but impulse control of a four year old. We praise out the ass for positive behavior. .we reward constantly for good behavior. She does have good days or even weeks with being sweet and lovi g and helpful and good attitude even if mad or sad not being hateful and handling her self.. then she has her episodes and sends out these sicko texts. It's really SAD. She once told people she's in her closet cutting herself when she's bee. Watching tv eati g ice cream all night.

I used to get really pissed. I get mad some now but mainly just disappointed. I have to accept she is sick like BM and just cope. Enjoy the good days and never turn my back or I'll be stabbed in it. Never trust. But she is good ehen not in episodes; she's layi g on her ass this week pouting about how neglected and abuse and pitiful she is but last week she was helpful and dis chores and played with the toddler every day and was actually nice to be around.

It's sad. Her friends drop her she's SO pathetic and needy its awful.