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eww haha bath once a week SD14

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So I used to make her shower, but IDGAF Any more. She showers once a week. She brushes her teeth skmetimes before bed but SKIPS WEEKENDS. she smells. She is so gross.

She NEVER lived with BM since age 2 and visitation sith BM was very very few. But BMs DH said BM wont bath or brush her teeth but once a week either!! He said she nasty. (I kept my mouth shut im not stupid)

Nasty SD14 rolls her little eyes in her fat face when I so nicely try to talk to her about hygeine. She so nasty its gross. She eats as much as dh and me together.


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I used to make her but FFS she is in high school now and almost 15. I have an 18 month old baby and new baby due in July. I'm nine months pregnant and have enough to handle with her borderline personality and acting like a five-year old. She admots it too. She wants me to fucki g feed her, she leaves lunch in locker and tells people I wont make her lunch and she has to starve (she huge), she has people fix her baked potato and cut her meat!!!! She wont do homework and says only if I sit and do it with her like first grade...and wont bathe until I tell her to...

She is doing it all intentionally to force me to baby her. She sick in the head. I gave in for months but I can't stand over a person who is bigger than me! !! And hold her hand to wash her ass. no more.

DH said let her go to school stinking a few times and she'll probably have to start showering or be called stinky. She has a boyfriend whom she never gone out w yet. Dh said let him be around her and her try to kiss him and him vomit. DH said "natural consequences" because she just manipulating me.

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This is horrible!
Your SD is as disgusting as SS12- he doesn't want to bath or shower. We have him EOWE from Friday night to Monday morning and he may or may not wash when he is here.
I give up asking, begging or scolding this boy to clean himself.
I don't care and sometimes he stinks!
Disgusting but he says he doesn't have to wash at Moms so he won't at our home.

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'She NEVER lived with BM since age 2 and visitation sith BM was very very few. "

So you both have been raising her for the past 12 years? I don't get it.

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She is mentally ill. Borderline personality. Everything is a manipulations to make someone pity her or prove they love her enough. She makes up being abused to different people pitting people against each other for attention and pity.

I have done everything for 10 years to teach her to bathe, brush teeth, eat right... but she will not do it unless I tell her to and get her towel. . She wants to be treated like a five-year old. Seriously. She's starting high school and I refuse now!

She ans BM have the SAME behaviors and personality. Its weird. Four more years then the world's most pitiful, abused girl who is abused by teachers and me (lol), and bullied so bad by everyone at school and sexually harrassed by boys coincidence when she mad at them or they turned her down after she act slutty in texts to them...

I have her phone locked to only access telephone, text, camera, and Facebook. She lost all other apps and one more "look a pic I scratched my poor self" being sent out en masse and she loses the rest.

She was fone until I got pregnant. Then jealous of extreme to the point the ER Dr said he was uncomfortable! Ever since then she sooo pitiful and depression and cutter (scratched only) and all this I'm abused BS. Even had MY grandmother thinking I pushed her into a wall !!! Omfg!

I called her stupid one time in her whole life. That is the extent of the abuse she has suffered.

I'll never forget or get over 2012-2014. We pay $200 a month in therapist and psychiatrist and meds. She talks mainly about how pitiful she is and everyone is mean to her.

Four more years. God help me.

I do everything all her meals... and she hid lunchbox and told people I wouldn't let her eat breakfast or lunch!!! After hugging me the mornings sayi g thanks for making my lunch I love you mom...

I hug and praise her for anything she does. She colors in coloring book.

Very two faced though. It hurts and sucks but now I just know how she is and I say awwww poor you! And nothing else. She loces love pity.

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Before my pregnancy, she was loving and capable. She could make a bowl of freaking cereal and got up for school and bathed daily and brushed her teeth daily.

Then she tried making DH FEED HER BY SPOON when I was feeding the baby... and the jealousy was sickening. Yes she doted on her amd poured on the attention. Got therapist. Just have to deal with her self pity.

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Oh she showered daily for school this year too. Just this summer she back to weekly...and coincidence I'm pregnantbreak and due a couple weeks...

She WANTS me to make every meal and snack, and tell her to bathe and brush teeth. She wants me to wake her with breakfast and she will fake being asleep. I say I know youre awake so .... she wants me to paint her nails... and wont take MONTH OLD NAIL POLISH off...she needs me to remove it. Fuck no. She almost 15. She wants us to fix her plate and cut her meat. Fuck that. I taught you how to cut meat years ago!