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Day of Me

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After a stupid Friday night and yesterday today I told DP I am doing nothing but what I want to do. While this unfortunately will not involve yoga it will involve organization of the garage (which I love to do and will involve some contortions and heavy lifting). I will cook my favorite soup for dinner no matter what.

In the last two days:
* DP assumed that I would pick up SD9 on my way home because he told me that he had dropped her off. We had a bit of an argument because I need to hear him say, "Can you please pick up SD9, I dropped her at a friends house, thank you." I don't mind picking her up as it's on my way home but I need to know a pickup is needed.

* DP told me that SD11 send a bunch of nasty texts to him because he left his underwear in their bathroom. 1) don't leave your underwear in their bathroom DP and 2) if she goes over the line with texts take away her phone for a while. Of course he's all butt hurt because I didn't say "poor DP" and SD11 had no ramifications. Again.

* After telling DP on Wednesday that SD9 smelled she still hadn't bathed by Saturday night. After she got home last night I got her in the shower as soon as she walked in. DP was amazed; apparently it's hard to do (not). I was not going to watch a movie sitting by a smelly kid.

* Mentioned to DP that SD11 teeth are now officially yellow. That's all I said. It's really gross. He mentioned this to SD11 last night who swore she brushed her teeth every night (I know she doesn't but keep my mouth shut). DP told her she must brush in the morning too - SD11 grudgingly said ok. Then went to bed, without brushing her teeth. And braces are being discussed....I won't help one iota with them.

* SD11 needed a new winter coat and I'm the only one she will tolerate taking her shopping (I do so long as she's not bitchy and she knows it) so I took her. Picked up SD9 on way home, made dinner and still no DP who didn't get home till 8:00. Glad he had a nice day off yesterday.

Good things:
* SD11 told me she was really glad I wasn't a mean step mom and she spontaneously told the sales clerk at the store I was going to marry her dad, all proud-like.
* SD11 learned how to run the clothes washer.
* SD11 cooked us ALL scrambled eggs for breakfast and they were really good. I almost fainted and her offer.
* SD9 really wanted me to help her (i.e. sit with her) while she did her homework so she could explain it to me.
* DP is currently out getting me a latte and a scone so I can stay in bed as long as I want.

It's not all bad just freaking crazy sometimes.
We are doing away for a long weekend on Friday and I can hardly wait!


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Nope! I ignored SD11s whining about wanting a new phone (DP doesn't really say no but I ignore that too). SD11 begging to get her ears pierced and looking at ME for confirmation (I ask her l, "Why are you asking me? This is your mom/dad decision.")
SD9 homework? No idea.