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Yeah, done doing Laundry

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For SD11.

The rule has been laundry in your laundry basket and I'll do it (I like doing laundry, hate vacuuming so DP and I struck a deal) - this includes DP.

SD9 has been great about it from the start.
SD11 was good until about a month ago.
Last week, there were three socks a pair of underwear and one pair of leggings after a stay of 5 days with us - the rest of it all over her floor. Room getting messier.

Last night, I gathered SD9 laundry as usual. No issues.
Opended the door to SD11 bedroom and stood there a minute, backed out and re-shut the door.

Told DP when he got home that I will not be assisting SD11 with laundry retrieval any longer, I refuse to go into her room because it's such a mess and I don't want to see that or I am GOING to FREAK OUT. She must bring it herself to the laundry room (put it in the proper place) or do it herself (she needs about 1 or two more lessons in this trust me, apparently it IS rocket science). Done.
He said OK. Yeah, so that means he won't tell her what I'm doing, nor will he make her clean her room.

But GREAT! I'm DONE with that one!


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Oh come on now, you know rules don't apply to skids....

Time for her to learn how to use the washer and dryer.

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My DH would never make SD16 clean her room properly. He would just go in and do whatever she missed himself. He hates tell her to do something so he ends up doing it himself as I refuse to.

SD16 does her own laundry and if she leaves something in her room either DH washes it or it stays there unwashed. I will wash towels but only if they are put in the laundry room. DH does that as well.

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I don't do the skids laundry anymore, either. Not since SD10 (almost 11) went to her mom's and complained that her clothes weren't clean.

Let's be clear. BM has made such a fuss about her clothes vs. our clothes that SD has to return to BM's in the same clothes she comes in EO Thursday. Down to the undies, or we're read the riot act, in fact.

One weekend, SD neglected to put her clothes where they could be washed, so they didn't get washed. And then she went home to her mother's and pitched a fit about how it was "disgusting." (The clothes weren't stained, they didn't have dirt, etc., but they had been worn and not washed.)

I was done.

I told DH that SD could wash her own damned laundry from that moment on, because I wasn't going to touch it (and I know he won't). So for the last several months, she does her own--and bitches about it every time. I just giggle quietly to myself.