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OT- If it's not on FB it doesn't matter!!!

I decided to limit my time on FB drastically. I go on every 2 weeks to clear out my notifications. I do not post anything nor have I updated my profile or cover photo.

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OT- Christmas Dinner Ideas

Anyone making/having something wonderful for Christmas dinner?

I'm looking for ideas, other than the usual repeat of Thanksgiving dinner.

All ideas are welcome.

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OT- DH'S high school friend (Update)

This passed Saturday DH planned me a surprise birthday dinner at a local restaurant. It was a small intimate gathering. If you guessed DH's friend was among the guests, you are correct.

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OT- Clarification

What is gaslighting exactly? Can someone be so kind as to break it down for me? Thank you kindly. Smiling

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OT- 13 Reasons Why

Recently I decided to watch 13 Reasons Why, the Netflix series. I remember first hearing about the show and not wanting to watch. The story centers around a girl named Hannah's suicide.