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for those ladies and gentlemen that have AIM my screen name is dianna1350

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Feeling very much like a nobody today!

Feeling very much like a nobody today! Biomom bought SD a cell phone…the kind where you cannot dial a number but only the person with the code can program in a number…the phone is for emergencies (in light of all the drama we’ve had going on recently…I don’t wanna go into that b/c we are still deciding the details…but anywayz…) this evening SD is showing me this phone her mommy got her and all the numbers she programmed in for her to call in case of emergency…well of course biomoms in there and my husband and then there are various, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends but none of my numbers were in the phone…I have to admit that I was a little miffed by this! Half of those people she is to call do squat for SD on a regular basis compared to what I do for her and I’m not good enough to be an emergency call!? This just reinforces how she views me and my role in her daughter’s life and I think it is really sad b/c it is her “view” of me that is going to keep my SD from a lot of things in the future…i.e.

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Maybe some progress with BM!

BM contacted me before the last visitation wanting to talk over some issues that we'd had. Amazingly enough she was able to have a conversation with me (over email, we don't talk on the phone) that was for the most part respectful and civil. She thanked me for being there during visitation because she knew that if I was there she wouldn't have to worry about SS getting fed or what he's eating.

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Argh, I hate jealously

I'm so annoyed right now. IM is the worst possible forum for discussion, but I'm at work (the worst possible place to discuss personal problems) so I've been on IM for about three hours trying to figure out how to help my BF get over the fact that I have friends who like me as more than friends.

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Oh boy, this one's a doozie

So BM calls my fiance yesterday an hour before he's to leave to pick up SD for their weekly dinner to say that they're at the ER because SD has a HEAD INJURY and that she'll have to cancel. Now, this is the FOURTH 'head injury' SD has had in the past year or two, all on days when she is to be with us (plus who knows how many that we don't hear about?) The first 3 times, I was genuinely concerned, but this time I just had this distinct feeling that something was fishy. It's just that every time we ask SD about it afterwards she says very nonchalantly "yeah, I'm fine, no big deal" - after spending 10 hours in an ER with CAT scans and myriad tests?! Hmm.

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BM fails to cooperate with visitation schedule, any solution?

BM has consistently be uncooperative with the visitation schedule, and we don't know what to do anymore. She informed us she was giving us the 2007 schedule in March of 2006, YES, that far in advance.

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Research Teens Computer Useage

I've had much success with googling info on skids. Plenty we would have never known if I hadn't. Here's some things I do regularly to keep an eye on them.

Check "History". Find out where they are going. Many kids don't know how to delete the history, so see where they are going and look at it.

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Just when I think I'm appreciated-SLAMMED!

I've been a stepmom for going on twelve years. I have tried my best to meet my six stepchildren's needs for good nutrition, good guidance, positive experiences, support, etc., the whole time. I've tried to put myself in their shoes and act accordingly. I let their Dad handle discipline, etc., for the most part, with my support. But, just when I feel like I've gained a happy medium I discover that one or more of my now-teenage stepchildren are slamming me to their peers: I'm a b---ch; I'm hard to get along with, etc.. I simply can't believe my ears! :{ I don't typically get in yelling matches or head-butting with any of them. I make a HUGE effort to be neutral.

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bio Mom problems

I am new to this site. I have a great guy that I have been with for over 2 years. He has a 9 year old son. He gets his son the typical every other weekend and one over night a week. The rest of the time my guy stays with me at my house with my two older kids.

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life is just grand

so I just went to the mailbox and guess what now? My ex and I have been through Domestic's regarding childsupport for the past 2 years. We had a hearing (only the lawyers) in front of the judge last week.