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Ok.....I'm Getting Old!!

Since stepson is grounded from video games for lying to his dad, I decided to take him out and get him to practice soccer. Of course I thought I would show him some of my soccer moves.

That is when I realized......I'm getting old. I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow. It is taking all of the energy I have left to sit up at the computer and type this entry. How sad is that??!!!

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I Picked Up Stepson Today.....

He has a sore in the corner of his mouth. I asked him when he got it and he said yesterday. I also asked if he told anyone and he said yes, he told his mom and she said that she didn't know what to do for it.

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Started better than it ended....

We had a great holiday weekend that didn’t end so great…We were both off Monday and Tuesday so that made it a nice long weekend…we were able to get the whole house cleaned (I clean the upstairs and he does the downstairs…) and all the laundry done…he had a few people over for a study group and then he and I watched some movies and sat out on the deck and enjoyed the night air…we also got his office painted FINALLY and got his desk and stuff moved in…it looks really nice and I’m glad that he finally has “his space” done b/c he helped me get my office together over a year ago and his office was being used as a “storage” area…n-e-wayz…we were supposed to have the girls on the 4th (which is also his mom’s birthday)…it hurts me so bad when they don’t bring the girls b/c I see the pain that it causes him…he was like “I called them and they haven’t called me back yet…” and I was finally like “Babe, that means that they are not coming…” He looked so said when he looked at me and said, “I haven’t been able to see my kids in almost two weeks”….while that may not see like a long time to some, that just shows how much he loves his kids in that two weeks feels like two years to him….It is so unfair the way that non-custodial parents are treated…as long as the check is on time, that is all the courts care about his support is payroll deducted so that is never a problem but the custodial parent can decide whether or not they want to comply with the court ordered visitation….when was the last time that you’ve seen a biomom jailed for denying visitation? But biodads get locked up all the time for not paying support…there is more to a father/child relationship than money and we would have much healthier children if the courts would “get a whiff” of that!

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Stepson Called Twice Today

Stepson call twice today to wish us a happy fourth of July. I think he was really bored at his mom's house and wished that he was with us.

He had been saying that he was going to ask his mom if he could go with us to my parent's house for a bar-b-que/swimming party and to watch fireworks but after biomom put the guilt trip on him for speaking his mind the other day, he lost his nerve.

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Made My Day!!

Hi everyone - just wanted to share with you something that happened last night that made me really happy!

When I got home from work, my SS couldn't wait to tell me that I had written one extra kiss 'x' at the end of my note to him compared to his sister (my SD).

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Happy 4th of July

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Manners...what are they??

Sorry guys - just have to let off a little steam! On Sunday drove my SS all over town trying to find where he 'thought' his team was playing soccer! In the end he missed the match (making me drive for over 2 hours in the meantime!) and didn't even thank me! Then, I asked both my SS & SD to change the sheets on their bed so I could do some washing & they have clean sheets (they only change them if I remind them - even though they are old enough to know they need to do it regularly) so anyway - neither of them did it - so I ended up changing their sheets and making their beds all nice - not one word of thanks from either of them.

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Out of the mouths of babes...

Hi, everybody!

Just wanted to share a cute story from the weekend.

My 4 year old SS spent the night with us and I was taking him to brush his teeth in the morning. He tugged at the back of my yoga pants and said, "You have a pretty butt." I was stunned for a split second and then just said, "Uh, thanks. Now let's brush your teeth." My husband so wished he could have seen it happen.

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It's All in Who You Know

Well, I've figured out something new today. The way you get treated is not because of where you're standing in line, it's because of who you are, or should I say who you know. I was checking with a sketch artist about my beloved deceased hound's sketch, that I ordered in March (he passed away in February) and I've been waiting since March. She still hadn't gotten it done yet. Last month, it was supposed to have been started and should been finished two weeks ago. Well, inbetween, an acquaintance of mine, her hound had just passed away, and miraculously, her sketch is being being worked on. So, of course, I'm basically, saying, it's saying, it's who you know. And I sent an email back to the sketch artist saying, my dog has been deceased since February....do you realize that? And I said....I'm pretty frustrated.

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Keeping Busy

I have been keeping busy the last couple of days working outside and doing some sewing to make repairs to the continuous state of holes that I have from my puppy Bullet. He is now almost 8 months old. We weighed him yesterday and he is 56 pounds. My husband almost dropped him as he tried to jump out of his arms. He is all legs. He has now shredded every comforter and blanket he has had. I am sewing another comforter back together as he tears the seams and then pulls out the stuffing. I planted tomato plants in pots this morning as well as two bouganvilla in a large pot with a trellis. The weather is incredibly humid and hot in the upper 90's.