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I can't stop crying

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It is almost 2am here and my life has just fallen apart. It is so sad the power that the EX's have and the lack of power that our husbands have. I don't know what to do at this point. My heart aches and I don't have it in me to continue like this for the next minute, hour,day, year, ten years or a life time.

Now another Biomom may have been offended.......But not this one!!

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I have been trying (since football season ended) to get my son off his lazy ass to get a part-time job. He is a senior in high school and has been accepted to a local university for the Fall. He has not worked a job in the "real world" as of yet. Being on the high school football team since his Freshman year, it alloted no time for even a part-time job because the practice season began in June and ran right through until November. December began studies for midterms and February was weight training. Vicious cycle and a biomom in denial.

How many of you smoke?

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I know this is a little off-topic (depending on how you look at it) but how many people here smoke? I quit several years ago and my BF hates cigarettes. He would probably leave me if I started smoking again. But lately, I've been having dreams of smoking cigarettes. I look enviously upon people I see smoking. I crave it all day, every day. This has always been a problem for me since I quit but lately I just can't stop thinking about lighting up...

Some insight for me, for what it's worth

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DH and I had a talk yesterday that I wanted to share--we had a rare free moment to talk alone, and I mentioned an incident that occurred a couple of weeks ago when we were cleaning out the hall closet---the last vestige of Former Family stuff was hiding in there--I asked for it to be packed up in tubs and put away safely in the garage, for the kids when they are older.

*rolls eyes* This is really starting to get old...

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Last weekend when BF went to get SS, there were some cousins visiting and BM said she wanted SS to stay home and play with them. (My thought on this was that the cousins live very close and there's no reason to miss a visitation to see people you live within 20 miles of when you only get 16 hours a month with your father...but I let that one slide). BF agreed and that was when they had the conversation I talked about in my last blog entry.

annoyed and frustrated, and not wanting to feel this way

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Too make a long story short....I am very annoyed with my sd. almost to the point where I dont want to be around her (she lives in our home). I am becoming that mean step mom. I have no paitience with her. She is very clingy and needs lots of motherly attention b/c her mother is not stable and is alway in and out of her life. I feel bad b/c the last 2 months I just dont have that to give to her. Im too annoyed. What is goin on? I this normal?
(if you need more of our situation/background please read my bio.)

Do I Need Therapy?...This could take a moment, please bear with me.

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I haven't blogged for about two weeks, as things have been fairly neutral (fairly being a relative term). The phone visitation has gone, more or less, the way that it's supposed still takes Mic numerous attempts to talk to his own kid...but at least now BM was letting them talk on the phone. I almost blogged that things were looking up for the situation, but everyone's response tends to, generally speaking, be the same to posts of this nature: Don't expect it to last, but suck it up while it's there. So that's exactly what I did.

More Stuff

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Since I have been on here and he has went to see the child. This is the thing I can not understand she has kept him away for a year, no phone calls no nothing. She went in 05 and got an order of protection against him and a temporary vistitation where he has to make arrangements with her mom to come see Kasie and that she was not suppose to be there. Well a week ago like I said out of the blue they call and want jeffrey to come see her so he and his mom went to go see her that is when I found out that they did not want me at their house visting with Kasie cause she is not mine.