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Ex issues..have caused problems w/my husband & I

I gotta stop complaining to my husband about this ex issue thing...it's ruining my marriage. I guess I tend to take out my frustration on him and he is hurt & upset about it. I am now taking steps to control my emotions and anger so I don't ruin my marriage.

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Child support question

Once a child enters school full time does that impact the child support obligation?

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Dissomaster Disappointment

I don't understand why for the next 12 years (SD is 6) we are subject to having our income ripped out from under us at the ex's whim. My BF pays PLENTY for SS and SD in monthly child support, promptly each and every month without a word. Ex is getting remarried next month, and today my BF let her know, as nicely as could be done, that pursuant to the settlement agreement the alimony payment will terminate next month. Her comeback was "well, I think it's time to have our attorneys run the child support program taking into account your increase in income".

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I am a mother not just a step mother

well this is my firt time and I am so glad that this site is here. I thought I was alone. I have a 14old dh my DH has two grl two boys ages 18sd 16sd 14ss 8ss the 18,14, live with us and the 16sd lives with the EX the 8ss goes two weeks there two weeks with us.

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Internet Photos

So finally my DH emails the ex and tells her to get the photo off the dating site of SD. The photo was along side pics of her in her underwear. What does the ex do she emails saying the pics are off...GOOD NEWS!!!! but goes on to say that he shouldn't judge her since he has someone already in his life, dating sites are a good way of meeting people.

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Father hires a hitman to kill his unborn child

Did you guys read this story on Blogging Baby? What are your thoughts?

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Hey Happy Mom

Just wondering if everything is OK with you. The earthquake was on the news this morning.... Smiling

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I'm Back

Well, it's me again! I wanted to post a little note to let everyone know that I am alive and kicking! Surgery went well and they removed both breasts and approximately 9 to 12 lymph nodes. (I'm a little foggy on the lymph nodes!) There was no cancer in the lymph nodes but approximately 6 cm of invasive cancer in the left breast.

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I Felt Guilty

I felt guilty. Stepson's school had a culture festival on Thur. Stepson is always at his mom's on Thur. and my husband had school and would have to miss it. I couldn't decide if I should go by myself or stay home.

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Just me?

I am having a hard time dealing with my SD. the problem is she cries about EVERYTHING!! She cries when her dad goes to work, she cries if a commercial comes on during her cartoon, she cries if I want her to go play while I do something.I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY THERE IS A NEED TO CRY OVER STUFF!!! I have NEVER been a cryer even when I was little and to be honest when I hear kids crying about stuff it fries my last nerve REAL fast.