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Hmmmmmmmm........smoke screen alert!

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I've been absent for a while, lurking here and there with not much to post. DH and I are trying to work out our issues......but I'm still on the fence on if we should stay married. But......I just had to share the latest BM/Skid funny.

DH gets a text from Uberskank yesterday, letting him know his kid (15 y/o D) woke up dizzy, sick to her stomach and not wanting to eat. Uber kept her at home, then later took her to the ER (not the doctor or Urgentcare cause that makes too much sense) because they both thought she had a concussion from getting an elbow knock in the head Saturday night at a school function. He gets another text a while later from Uber saying "The ER doc said she has a concussion and possible brain swelling so they're giving her a CAT scan. Will let you know."

Last night he gets a call from his kid. She said she definitely has a concussion, brain swelling and they gave her a neck brace to treat it. She only has to wear it at home and sleeping but can take it off if she goes out. He said let me get this straight....some kid elbowed you in the noggin on Saturday, you had no symptoms until today and now you have a concussion and brain swelling? And they're treating it with a neck brace? She said yes. Then he said maybe it would be better if you stayed home this weekend and rest. I could hear her panicky voice through the phone...."No, my sisters will be home this weekend so I want to come over or they'll drive me nuts."

DH got off of the phone and started shaking his head. He said what are they up to? I said...Oh's money. She's going to send you a bill for the alleged ER visit, CAT scan and neck brace. I told him not to worry about it. I would log onto my insurance website and check daily for the "ER Visit and testing".

The beauty of all of this is Uberskank still owes DH for medical expenses when his kid was living with us. So she can bill him all she wants, but all he'll do is deduct it from what she owes him. Biggrin

We talked about how we should handle her visit. I said why don't we play along since they both think we bought this story. She wants to come over to hang with her friends. But a head injury and brain swelling are pretty serious. I think it would be best if we rented some DVD's and insist she rest all weekend. She can visit her friends the next time. :evil:


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Oh my lord . . . I just read my future in your post!

This sounds just like something our BM would pull.

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I was telling people some people at work that are in the know of my situation. While I was explaining the concussion, brain swelling, neck brace it came to me....

DH's kid turned 15 recently, but Uberskank can't afford to pay the insurance for the kid. So his kid hasn't been able to get her instruction permit. I'm wondering if Uber was giving her a driving lesson after school and they got into a single car accident. Which is why the need a dog and pony explanation of how she injured herself. She's covered by health insurance but if they got into an accident, Uber's car insurance won't cover because the kid was driving.

This would also explain why she has a neck brace and why Uberskank waited until the afternoon before taking her to the ER.

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I was going to suggest that maybe BM went to the ER insisting that something was wrong with SD and when they did all the tests and found nothing, they sent her home with a neckbrace just so BM would shut up and leave. But your idea makes a lot of sense too. You'll have to let us know...

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IRK! My SD, who has claimed to have a brain tumor ($500 MRI), broken knee (this one was actually true...a crack in her knee cap, causing 1 set of XRays and a MRI just to get a pair of crutches!), swine flu (can anyone say "sinus pressure"), a heart defect because she gets winded when exerting herself, constant yeast infections, bladder and/or kidney infections is now claiming to have arthritis!! She is not even 14 and because her wrist is sore...she has arthritis! I really hate the fact that her mom is a nurse. She hears her mom talking about something and decides she has it!