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Thank you all for the info and support! Here's what I have so far.

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I plan to take your advice and head down to the police station and the courthouse on Monday get some official stuff, but I decided to go for it and paid the $50 for the online background check yesterday. THE BEST $50 I HAVE SPENT IN A LONG TIME!!!

BM was arrested in March of this year for driving while intoxicated. Then a wonderful new friend, (you know who you are and you are an ANGEL!) was able to get me more info and found out that BM's license has been suspended and she is having to make monthly payments toward a yearly surcharge of over $1,000 per year for 3 yrs.!

Am I done?

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I love s.2.b. so much. I love his kids so much. Every bad thing that could happen did happen. Since Monday, Tuesday, then Thursday. I want to get up and leave, but I can't. There is this part of me that won't LET me do IT! Is it the love stopping me? I always put others over myself, but I don't think I am this time. I can't see myself with out s.2.b. People say that I need to get out, leave now, they say I am so young.........but I am totaly in love with him. I can't leave............


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Hi everyone. This is a lengthy message. Thanks for listening. I wrote once before about my situation. I'm 28, first marriage, no kids of my own, my husband's second marriage, one SD - 10yrs. I love my husband more than anything in the world, but I'm so scared of the future. I really want kids and he wants more too. But, I'm afraid to have children with him because his ex is such a stress in our lives and his daughter is like a "mini me" of her mother so often. They are both very untruthful people, and there are court orders against the BM.

Both holidays will be held at my house this year.

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Turkey day and Christmas which I actually do not celebrate as I practice earth based spirituality, but nonetheless I am hosting Thanksgiving and Christmass for all my in laws.

There is so much drama in this family. I'm happy that I will be seeing the in-laws that I like, but there are parts of this I just dread.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

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Just wanted to wish everyone a good weekend!

to those custodial SM (including myself) have a wonderful weekend enjoy every moment of it, especially if skids are off at BM's house, heres hoping that you will have a nice and relaxing weekend, I know I will Smile but I will meet you all back here on monday when the s@*t hits the fan!


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My BF's daughter is still having issues with him dating. We've been together for 3 1/2 years.
She and I were introduced about 1 1/2 years ago. I do not stay over when she is there, we just do things together and then I go home.

She obviously is still having issues with her dad being with someone. Sometimes when I am around she is overly demonstrative with her dad. To the point of being inappropriate for a 13 year old and her father. This has been going on from the beginning, but her actions are becoming more inappropriate.