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Parenting Plan Success!

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I am so happy to report that the mediation went very well (for us)! BF came out of it getting everything that he had asked for. He told me about how BM conducted herself during the meeting and we both have been laughing about it for two days. Apparently she went into this thinking that she could convince the mediator that BF doesn't deserve to be around his son. She tried to bring up the phone harrassment lawsuit and her bogus claims that BF has threatened to kill both herself and their son.

Alone Time Needed

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I have been divorced for 4 years now and my daughter lives with my boyfriend and I (going on 2 years). My daughter has very little involvement with her father (maybe once a month or so). She is 17 years old and a senior in high school. We have been through a lot since the divorce and my daughter has had some difficult times dealing with loyalties, separation anxiety, etc. She has been in extensive counseling and is continuing. I too saw a counselor to sort out some of the guilt feelings I have. First of all, I was married for 20 years with a husband who resented his own children.

Another day, another Lie from the mouth of Ms. Perfect herself

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This woman is psycho. And might I add that I hit the nail on the head yesterday, when I said she wanted him to miss this weekend's visitation. It's a shame we don't get extra credit for ESP (LFBS, I should say, the Logical Following of Bull, know the rest).

Problems at the Basketball Game

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Imagine that. The only game that Bm is responsible for getting ss to this week and there are problems.

We didn't get a call from ss to ask us to pick him up or to tell us that he wasn't able to go to his game so we assumed that he would be there. I had sent all of his gear with him to school. Everything down to and including a bottle of water. All they had to do was have him put on his uniform and get him to school before 5pm for the game. NOT!

Just when I think it can't get any more bizarre; it gets more bizarre.

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OK, so I find out today that my older sd's boyfriend/father of baby is in the jail on a dv charge for getting drunk and grabbing her. The cops showed up and took him to jail and there he sits with a restraining order on him. I'm assuming that she called the cops but she is angry about the restraining order.

Sorry excuse for a mother!

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My fiance just gave me the rundown of his Family Based Therapy appointment tonight over at BM's. We would both like to thank her from the bottom of our hearts for doing all she can to hand over custody of SD. Gee, we don't need to do anything at all but sit back and watch her act like a complete lunatic in front of the therapists, thus proving herself an unfit mother. Keep in mind, these therapists will make a custody recommendation to the courts when all is said and done. You'd think she'd behave a little better, knowing all this!

Trying to fix the problems

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This week has been a turbulent one. I am happy it is just about over.

Well, most of you know about the argument I had with the ex last year and her hatred towards me because of it. It seems that I will never have peace because of her and this hatred. Threatening to take access time away from DH because of me (she doesn't have the power to do that but she thinks she does).

Please somebody tell me that this is all a bad dream!!!

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BM #2 (mother of 11 month old SD) lives in a different state. She is approximately 800 miles away. I have had issues with her even at that distance in the past, the biggest being that I am having a hard time accepting that she will be a part of my life because of the child. I love my SD dearly..her mother...not so much. In any case, we live in a state that requires a 1 year separation before being able to file for divorce. BF is able to file in April and plans to do so. Yesterday, we found out that BM is moving to our city. Ok, so when is this happening???