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Newbee on Halloween....

Good morning all! Friday in our city we have a halloween parade and then Tuesday the 31st is trick or treating, BF has class on the 31st so I suggested we get the kids on Friday night to watch the parade and then go to a haunted house, keep them overnight and bring ss to his soccer game in the morning. ( ss and sd live about 40 minutes away and I'm sad to say that there are no set visitations, a whole other story!) BF agreed to this option that I suggested (one for me Smiling and contacted BM right away in the beginning of the week (another one for me Smiling to ask if that would work out (she has all the control) she agreed of course with a laundry list of things she didn't want me to do (i.e. kids couldn't be left alone with me, he had to be there at all times, I couldn't drive them alone, etc, etc. ) ...I'm happy to say that BF stood up to her and told her not tell him what he could or couldn't do when he had the kids. I was so happy that a)he called and made a plan and b)that he stood up for us!

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Teens take gun from fellow student

Just a quick post...there was a thread here somewhere (I'm rushed and will look later) about Texas teaching kids to fight back against gunmen in their schools....

Well tht happened in my community on Tuesday.

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My Woes

I am 40 years old and have been married to my current husband for three years. I have two bio children ages 18 and 16. I have three SC ages 20, 19 and 18. We all live together and have had our ups and downs. SC have been sabotaging our relationship from the beginning and my husband lets his children rule his life even though they are no longer children. Recently he told me he wants a divorce because he feels it will be better for everyone. This came out of left field six months ago and has been up and down since and I can tell when talking to him that this is not really what he wants at all but he is being stubburn and recently from the oldest SC I learned that they planned thier part in this entire mess. He said it was because they went from no women in the house for 14 yrs to me and that they didn't like all the little changes, example wrong mayo and stupid stuff like that.My SC are so jealous, disrespectful to me and so on but I have done nothing but tried to show them love and compassion. Ex Wife is still in the picture and she pushes them on and my husband does not see it. Sometimes I wonder why am i putting myself through all this but I truely love this man and do not want to live without him. My husband is a very quite man and allows them and anyone else to walk all over him. But I had finally found happiness with another human being and now I think I am going to lose all of that because of the entire your kids, my kids crap that within the last year started taking place and all the other stuff. We own a home together and he is living upstairs and I was living downstairs. I recently moved out for awhile hoping that space and me not being around would wake my husband up. My son left first about 8 months ago , then my daughter went to live with her father recently because SD is more of a dad than her BF and she said she can not handle the situation. SC and BM have managed to turn the entire house upside down and rule our lives. I have no clue where to go from here. I wish I had found this site alot sooner.

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I'm a newbee on the block :-)

I'm not sure where to begin with my story because its long and involved so I'll skip to the main reason why I'm writing. I mostly need a place to vent because I feel or I should say I felt like I was the only one going through the feelings I've been going through until I found this site. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE! My biggest issue is with the BM who is just the most unbelieveable biatch in the world! I know alot of people say that but man o' man I've never experienced anyone like her in my life. She is the most controlling, crazy woman I know. I may be naive to all of this because a) I don't have children and b) I'm a nice person who really trys to get along with everyone. I'm not stupid and in my early 40's and have had my share of difficult relationships with people but this one's the toughest. My BF is a great guy whom I love very much and love his children, they are young 5 & 6. BF and BM have been divorced for almost 3 years of which I had nothing to do with, but someone really needs to tell BM! She has a boyfriend but you might miss that since she still trys to be with BF. Its the old addage she doesn't want the BF but she doesn't want anyone else to have him either! I try to be so nice to this woman and she is just rude and does all the things that I've been reading here on the site ~ phone calling at all hours, text messaging, etc, etc. She's used the kids for information and she's set me up to get information. Its just horrible.

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Why does the ex-wife send little messages or info thru b/f kids to try to get to us????

Some of the messages or little drops of hints... have been..this is thru SS's.."mom is thinking of buying house in your neighbourhood"..."mom is taking us to councellor tomorrow b/c she thinks we are mentally abused from dad and grandparents.....yet she still seems to send the kids..over..wouldn't you think that if a mother is so concerned about her children being abused that she would stop letting them come over???......more of what the boys say are....mom has b/f paying her $500.00 month on top of the $4200.00 dad gives her a month....mom says dads g/f should buy that for us.....(that's me...the g/f) mom...mom...mom.

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SS going through puberty?

Hey, what is the behavior like when they go through puberty? Not sure if it's puberty....biomom says that she thinks SS is acting grumpy to people is due to maybe puberty? If anyone has any input pl

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I want to scream!!

You know what really pisses me off. My mother in law. No matter what I do for stepson, its not good enough! I am sorry that I don't have the same bond with stepson as I do with my bio son but why is it her job to constantly compare the two!!! I could compare too!! In my opinion SHE favors stepson, and that is fine with me.

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X's are a pain in the A**

This is how frustrating x's are...

AS you know daughter is grounded...but she wants to go out for halloween.

(By the way nothing happened to her at Dad's over the weekend..she was on msn..she made a web page professing her love for the BF she's not allowed to have..all on Dad's computer over the weekend.....)

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Pictures of the ex

Has anybody encountered any problems concerning pictures of the ex still in divorced dad's possession? I went over to his house this past weekend and saw some photo's and asked if I could look at them.

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I don't *think* I asked for pity...

I'm so frustrated with commentary from people who have no children let alone never dealt with a stepfamily. I think my mom is a nut, but at least she talks about my stepdaughter like she were anyone's daughter and not a disease. SD's going to grow up too quickly and hate me just because she's mad at the world, according to my mom, when she says anything at all about me being a mom.