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OT... work Vent!

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I work at a hotel as a front desk Night Manager.... which means Im here til 8am! so i get to deal with the LOVELY guests while they venture down in all kinds of "pjs" to get breakfast!!

I wish people would put on SHOES or at least slippers!!
I wish men would wear shirts!!
I wish men and women wouldnt wear SHORT shorts!!
and by golly... put on a bra!! this is NOT your living room or Kitchen!!

ALSO.. I am not your mother! If you use a spoon to stir your coffee... throw it away! dont lay it on the counter!!
and to the old man who just handed me the toaster handle... DONT TOUCH ANYTHING IF YOU CANT PUT A PIECE BACK ON IF IT COMES OFF>... and HOW IN THE WORLD did you get the toaster handle lever thing to pop off anyway!>? How hard were you pushing it down? GEEZE!!

to anyone and everyone who stays at a hotel... im telling you ... we (the people who work in them) talk about you, bitch about you, give you "nicknames" if you stay a while with us, roll our eyes behind your back... and when you yell at us (desk clerks) bc housekeeping did a crappy job, and we apologize, smile and wish you a safe drive... in our heads we have already hit you twice, bounced your face off the desk at least once! Drop kicked you... and wished you get in your rig and the brakes not work....

so on that note... Happy Travels Everyone!!!

p.s If this offends you, i will not say sorry! all i will say is come work my shift on a weekend we are FULL!! and not just full... full of OLD PEOPLE!


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hahaha!!! this made me laugh!!! i think of the group of people we travel with all summer long and you just described them to a T!!!
DH and i don't even bother with hotel food because teh people you just described touch all the bagels/muffins adn then decide that nothing looks good. i'll go grab gas station muffins anyday still in the bag!!
keep invisioning beating up the pesky patrons!! it'll hopefully keep your sanity!!
PS how's the puppy??

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Kooper is AMAZING! Still working on that little potty training thing! THANK GOD for carpet shampooers! Smile
Thanks for asking! Smile

and yeah... people are weird, gross, annoying... and did i mention weird? haha!

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A couple of years ago, I worked out of town for about 5 weeks on a special project. I made sure to be as polite as possible to everyone who worked at my hotel - the project I was on involved days for me that started at 6am and ended a few times at 2am but usually at 9pm so I was exhausted - much less out of my element and missing DH like crazy. Plus I was going to school during this time and had to cancel a 2 week vacation with DH. So I was in the dog hour at home and I refused to be in the dog house at my hotel. They were so nice to me and most of the other people on the project. But I can imagine the field day that had with a bunch of the guys who just treated everyone horrible - from the bar, to the desk staff and I can't imagine what their rooms looked like.