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Another Day at the Mill

Well, Dawn, especially, I know that you are going through a lot of what I have already done. These days I am here in GA, home alone with 3 dogs-albeit, one puppy with a broken leg which I certainly hope is on the mend because he is getting mighty heavy to carry around.

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Re-Channeling my Anger into Something Positive

Sometimes I think that it's really hard for women to get men to understand that they are from a completely different planet. My husband took a situation in which I was having a bad day and for some reason could not figure out how to step in as a friend would normally do, and ask, what do you need me to do for you? For the life of me, I just can't understand, how he can't figure it out.

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help me!

Well here is the story. My fiance wants to move his daughter (14) in with us. My daughter (12) and his do not get along. She hasn't lived with him for seven years. She lives with her so called mother that puts boyfriends before her childs care.

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My List Keeps Growing

Good Afternoon,
I seem to start the mornings fairly early, yet by the time I actually can get underway, the day is half over. I had a pretty productive weekend but I spent a large part of my time, sitting and cutting down brush and twigs. We had a brush area that needed to be cleared out. My husband started on an area and didn't finish what he started and left piles of twigs with thorns scattered around which the dog was stepping on an cutting his feet. Hence, I had to go back and do it all over and pick it up. So, that took me a couple of hours to pick it all up and break them all down. Then I started cleaning up another area and I have two huge contractor bags of yard waste now. I am trying to make like a naturalized area with some hardwoods and naturalized plants such as lilies, irises, ferns, and a few shrubs, with rock shaped stepping stones among cedar mulch. I plan to have my husband build some park benches and have a walking path. And I will have to treasure digging areas for the dogs and then on the outskirts to wading kiddie pools for the dogs in the summer to play. We have made quite a bit of progress but have put in a tremendous amount of hours on this project.

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Constructive Day

Well, I had a fairly constructive day considering that I had to try and run errands back to the vet's office to get one dog's special prescription diet canned food. But, I wasn't able to resolve the issue with the puppy's prescriptions until after lunch, so I had to go back after my husband came home from work. Getting the Elizabethan collar hooked on the puppy was a real bear, and he loudly voiced how much he disliked it. We fought for what seemed to be at least twenty minutes before I could get it on him and into his crate. Then, I stopped for some groceries on the way home. Got home, put the groceries away, all the time listening to two of the three dogs loudly barking at me. I was about to completely lose it. I put the 5 year old rescue outside to run and go to the bathroom. He was no problem and had a great time. Then, I let out my 15 year old miniature poodle, the most serious offender of the barkers. Then, the puppy. He was so glad to get out. Then all 3 are back in. Puppy is in a frenzy for an hour before he settles down. Whew! I was tired. My husband has no concept how cleaning, wash, or anything else gets accomplished here. Or where the pool supplies come from either! Like magic, flying in on a fedex carpet? You think? Guess everyone is experiencing this problem this week.

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Adult stepson expecting support forever - advice wanted

Does any one have any experience or advice for dealing with an adult stepson that continues, at age 21, to request support from both his Dad (my husband) and his mother?

He graduated from high school almost 4 years ago and has not worked in 6 months. He has worked a little part time off and on (less than half the time) since high school but mostly he has lived with friends in casual couch surfing / garage etc. arrangements or with various relatives and never really been self supporting for any period of time before lapsing back into mooching mode. Right now he is living with his mother but wants to move back to our city and has been asking to move back in with us. I don't want him to move back in and so far my husband is respecting my wishes. In the past when we have agreed to let this stepson move in "temporarily" it has been difficult to get him to get a job and move out, and he does not respect the "drug free house" rule (he smokes marijuana and started doing cocaine last year - I don't know what he is doing now at his mom's, where he has been for the last 5 months). His last roommates kicked him out for behaving strangely - agression, hostility, bizarre acts - this was at the height of the cocaine taking. He has called all his friends in town and nobody will take him in any more. He has asked more than once to move in here - I worry that my husband will either cave in and say he can come to our home again, or start resenting me for trying to prevent him from coming here.

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Moving Forward

Good morning,
Well, I am trying to get some perspective on things as I was trying last night to basically assess all the events going on figure out what I would be doing for the next few months. Since we've moved here into this rural area, we are an hour from the city and I haven't found any decent work that pays comparable wages to what I made before we moved from MD. Then, I was sick with pneumonia for two months. Then, my dog Tony died. Then, we got a five year old rescue and a puppy. And then, the puppy broke his leg. Now, the puppy is confined to his crate because of the healing time for about two more months. Which brings us to about the beginning of the summer. It does make money tighter with having to pay the support but next May will be the last payment. And I am hoping that once I can get the puppy on a schedule when he is back home, I can purchased the online real estate course and start studying that and in two months finish it, take the test and pass the state exam. I think that switching and expanding on my accounting career would definitely be a plus for me, especially in this rural area. Working from home would definitely be a real help.

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Update about Puppy

Hi Everybody,
My puppy Bullet had his surgery today on his tibia. The surgeon was able to reattach the tibia bone chip that still had the tendon attach. They used a pin to reattach it to the bone because a screw was too long. The pin was secured with wire and may have to be removed at a later date. The surgery went really well and we can pick him up tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5 p.m. and bring him back home. It's been really quiet without him. He has to stay in a splint for 6-8 weeks and will have to stay in a crate during that time so he can regain strength of his leg. The vet is going to give us something to sedate him, so hopefully he won't pull the splint off again. I am glad this part is over.

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Positive Weekend

Although my boyfriend's daughter still hasn't come over or even called her dad since the last explosion with biomom, I had a better weekend with my own daughter. My boyfriend is becoming more accepting of living with my teenager (I think he feels bad because his daughter doesn't come over).

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I forgot to mention my husband was helpful with the dogs!!!!!!!!

Hey everybody and anyone that cares....my husband was helpful for the last two days with the dogs!!!!! Yea for me!!!!!!!!
Maybe he's getting the message!!!