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Sad story with sad ending...long post

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Something terrible happened last night.

My closest friend at work lost her fiance' to suicide.

By way of background, I came to this site because she introduced me to it. She and her fiance' were having a lot of problems with the fiance's son's BM. She wouldn't let him see his son...all she wanted was the CS. Now this little boy will never see his father again. And his mom is still a selfish BB.

Non-Members Posting

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I have seen that a lot of non-members post on this website. Sometimes they have good comments---however I have seen a good bit that are just rude, etc. Is this common for this site? Is there a reason why people who don't sign up can post?

Personally I've ignored alot of posts by non-members. I feel like if you want to comment then sign up. Maybe I'm wrong in thinking like that. Am I the only one that thinks like this?

Do I have the right to be irritated??

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Things seem to be looking up compared to my last blog. But one question I have. DH works nights and is home during the day. BM waits til he goes to work to call him. I have told him this bothers me that she does this because she knows I'm not around and he answers her call during working hours. I limit the times I call him myself. I feel as though everything we have gone through the last month was a waste of time. Because he pacified me at the time I was angry about BM not taking kids on her time but both of them expecting me to.

Divorce and 4 month old

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My marriage turned bad fast and now I am just starting the process of a divorce. We have a four month old. As of right now husband agreed for me to have temp physical placement of 4 month old. I set the standards of every other weekend from 9am to 6pm Sat and Sun and one night a week from 5-8pm with no over night stays. I want to continue this arrangement for at least the first 4 years of her life. Has anyone heard of this happening or have any knowledge of this. If I have to get ugly I will and bring up the fact that my husband is an alcoholic and won't admit it.

Giving up?

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I'm curious----Has anyone, whether you or your spouse, considering giving up the constant battle and signing away parental rights to the kid(s)?

My DH has talked about this a few times amidst our relationship about giving up his rights. BM is starting to truly limit our time with SD. We live about 10 miles (at the most) from the BM, but she still tries to keep DH out of SD's life (including but not limited to visitation).

Is this a normal response? And has anyone actually done this? If so---how did it work out (then & now)?

First Councling session

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So our first session went well. We were give a few things to work on our own. Therapist suggest that DH stay at his parents for longer than a week. So he will be there for the rest of the month. This will give us time to refocus. But on Sunday we have a "family dinner'" date with SS and DD. We have also talked to BM (vaguly) that we have having marital problems and are attending coucinling and it might be beiffecall for SS to come with us. BM said very clearly NO. Unfortanally I think SS needs it. He probably needs someone to talk to.

Need some resolution

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DH is away on business until Thursday night at midnight and SD16 is continuing to sulk, refuses to speak to either of us unless we initiate the conversation and then answers with "yes ","no" or "hhm". She goes to school for a half day and then sits in the bedroom I decorated (we just moved back to our home state in October with DH's new job)for my daughter when she is home from college.The room is trashed, she took down all of my daughter's awards, pictures,etc. and never cleans the room or makes the bed.


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I previously posted about my checking account being looked at due to identity theft.... I went to the sheriffs office to see if they have any leads. In talking to the officer, I told him who I think is was and why. He pulled up her record and found that she has been a suspect in fraud before. Also found out that she has a warrent for her arrest in this county. The problem is, she lives across the bridge in Oregon ( I live in washington) and her warrent is a misdemenor so they cannot arrest her or make her come up here.