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Sick Lizard......A little off topic!

The things I do!!! Stepson's Gecko stopped eating. He hasn't eaten for quite awhile. My husband decided that Mr. Gecko needed to go to the vet. I called around until I found one in our area that would see a Gecko and made an appointment for him for last night.

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A Question for the Moms

I have a question for the Moms. My BF’s daughter is 13 and will be a Freshman in high school next year. My BF still insists on tucking his daughter into bed and giving her a kiss. I know every parent is different, but my parents stop doing this when I was 11. I still said good night and gave each a hug and kiss before putting myself in bed.

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Sorry So Long to Update

Sorry I haven't updated, it's just been a whirlwind around here. I met with the surgeon and a total mastectomy of my left breast is mandatory with biopsy of my lymph nodes. My case is so unusual that they really don't know what they are working with, therefore, until after surgery I won't know if is invasive or not. I have decided also to go ahead and have both breasts removed due to a sighting of "cysts" in the right breast. They informed me that the chances of breast cancer returning in the other breast is higher due to my age and already having cancer. I am only 37! Surgery is scheduled for October 11.

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Wedding from Hell

Just to share an experience, I attended my sd wedding a few years back. I really started not to go, but my dh insisted, I went. Some idiot sat my husband and me with his exwife and exsisterinlaw at the rehearsal dinner, at which they took turns making snide remarks that we swallowed and ignored for sake of sd.

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Give me Some Advice

New here to this board, but have been reading all the posts and forums for the past few months. I am a mother to a 10 year old son as well as the girlfriend to a DH who has a psycho ex-wife. Many of the posts I have read have to do with failed expectations, and a lot of assumptions. As one who plans on marrying my DH one day, what advice can everyone give me concerning dealing with the ex-wife, their 3 children, discipline issues, how to interact with his ex and how he interacts with her, etc? I know its a broad subject, but any and all advice is appreciated.

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Us questioning our DH's after they speak to x....

I can't find where this was discussed... Along the lines of ..Us questioning our DH's after they talk to their x wives. What did she want? What did you say to that? etc.... And how they say 'nothing' or don't spill their guts to us alot of the time...(not my situation so much but some of my friends here and home)

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Yet another ridiculous issue

Hi Guys
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, extra work and family commitments have left little spare time to write but I have been reading all the posts. So here I am with the latest issue and I don't really care if BM reads this, in fact I wish she would.

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Depressed but Recovering

I spend a lot of time reading the posts and replies on this web site and there are so many times that I want to respond. Most of the times, I am overcome by such a feeling of hopelessness that I don't have the energy to type.

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I Can't Believe This!

I went to stepson's soccer game today. My husband is stepson's coach so I usually sit pretty close to the bench. Anyway, when biomom arrived with her ex-boyfriend and their two and a half year old daughter, they had to push her stroller right in front of me. Of course they never said anything to me nor I to them. You won't believe what happened next!!

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Hypothetical fight...Am I crazy?

My husband of one year has brought alot of baggage to the table that I accepted openly...He has four children with three different women. He holds what he calls a "friendship" with the mother of his oldest son. I have supported a positive relationship between the two because I think it very important for his son. BUT...