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Advice given to me...

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I've been talking to a counselor on and off to try and help me figure out, not so much how to deal with the situation I'm in, but how I got into it in the first place....

Anyway, one of the things I have a tendency to do, which based on some of the blogs I've been reading, I'm not the only to do too much or feel guilty about not doing enough to the point of exhaustion.

Oh yes, I do believe.......

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Oh yes, I do believe in the power of prayer. And the love and comfort and support that you receive from others when your not doing so well……..

So, ladies, take a bow. Not only were your predictions right regarding the biopsy, but your words, advice, wisdom and thoughts carried me through these past 3 weeks.

As the doctor was preparing the needle for the biopsy, she was feeling around for the lump and staring at the ultrasound thingy-ma-jig. After feeling me up for what seemed like forever ~ I finally asked “WTF”?

This is long....

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This is long, and for that I apologize. I just have so much to angst and no where to vent.
First, I have to ask all the step-moms out there and girlfriends who are in the step-mom role: has something so awful happened with your SK(s) and your BF/DH reaction to it (or, in my case, lack thereof) that you are so incredulous and ashamed you didn't do anything about it and that you don't tell a single soul? Besides venting here? That is the situation I am in.

No one cares about SS

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Hello I am new here and I need some help or just someone to listen and give support or understanding. I have a stepson and at times I feel like I am the only one who cares and it is so fusterating. DH pretty much only talks to him if he has too, otherwise he just lets him do whatever he wants, so he ends up playing video games and watching TV all day long, and when he visits BM she sleeps all day or is on the computer (she does not have a job), so she lets him do whatever he wants too (this is what he tells me). I feel like I am the only one who gives him structure.

Update on custody change

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The mediator hasn't filed her report yet but DH and BM have agreed to start the new 50/50 custody arrangement Sept. 1. It is just in time as SS and SD are increasingly frustrated with not being here very often, which feels good. Next Saturday DH and kids and I are leaving for a two week vacation and the visitation change will start right when we get back. We will have the kids every Wednesday and Thursday and every other Fri-Sat-Sun (a standard 2-2-5 schedule), and DH and BM have worked out all of the holidays and submitted the form to the mediator.