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BM’s bio at her work

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Once in a while out of boredom and my curiosity I cyber-stalk BM just to see why we haven't heard from her. (Nothing hard-core necessary because she's not very techie)

On her bio at her work she had the audacity to say she lives with her TWO kids, SS (who lives with us 100% now) and her daughghter and her husband. 

This is the mom who hasn't talked to or seen her own son for a year, but you go girl, right? *bad*


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You know BM is crazy.  But you have to keep on checking to make sure she still crazy.  You should not let her into your mind.   You should let your mind deal with good things, not craziness,  


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I agree with you. So I don't do this often.  I do this once in a while to - just to see how low she can go so I can feel good about myself XD. I probably sound evil saying this though haha.