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What a difference when daddy is around

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So if any of you remember the baby gate incident - where SD had zero reaction to DS1 falling down the stairs in front of her - heres the contrast in behavior when DH is watching. All of us were outside, ODS9 is playing with DS1. SD is nearby doing her own thing. DS1 was going down his toddler size slide and must have went off the side of it or something along those lines. He wasnt actually hurt but it must have scared him or something. I went over to help him and SD didnt react at all. DH had been in the front yard and came back to see what DS was crying for. Well as soon as daddy comes around the corner all of a sudden shes just over the top full of concern for DS and cant stop telling daddy about how she looked over and he was crying and she that she was going to go help him. This whole time shes blocking DHs path from actually being able to walk over and check on him and basically trying to put the attention on herself. Using a one year old crying as a means for attention for herself.

THIS is the type of thing that really makes me not be able to stand SD, especially when it involves the other kids. She knows exactly what shes supposed to do and say and will when it's serves a purpose for her. But she doesn't actually care about anyone at all. In her eyes everyone is just a pawn to be used when it suits her. At least this time DH saw through it without me having to point it out and ignored her and just checked on DS1.


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What a lovely little manipulative sociopath you have budding up in your home. I wouldn't be able to stand her either.

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My hope at this point is that it stops at "narcissist" and doesn't go all the way to "sociopath." 


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Spawn is a sociopath, my best friends daughter was talking to her one time and she told her that she just liked lying because she was good at it.

a lot of the skids in here have tendencies towards narcissism and sociopathic tendencies.  It comes from then learning early on that mommy and daddy feel guilty and they can manipulate people with their feelings.  This is why for stepparents it’s so hard to live with, we don’t carry the guilt.  We see kids who are being spoiled and coddled and who are manipulative.  Yet we are the issue when we point that out to the guilty parent.  

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In her case mommy has the same behaviors and lack of guilt and daddy is/was the guilty daddy. Probably worse than having 2 guilty parents with consciences.

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DH will continue to see through Damienetta's ploys.

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SD14 IS a sociopath. She tells her brother to go kill himself, go hang himself, die, eat poison and die, charges at him, punches him, kicks him, etc. 

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FormerSO's psycho son was like this. Was completely indifferent to my baby, acted like he wasn't there (but would wake him when he was sleeping and sabotage his play areas by putting broken glass on them). But if formerSO was around and even moreso when his grandparents were around... OMG he turned into big brother #1!! 

 HEAVEN FORBID I ever say anything about it and ruin the holy splendor that he brought to the world. SMH. 

The kid has weird rage issues... always feeling "slighted" by kids at school and such. I seriously wouldn't be surprised if he became a school shooter. 

I don't know if anyone saw in the news recently, there was a 14 yr old kid that shot and killed his dad, step-mom and siblings. When I read that I got a shiver down my spine, because I was seriously concerned this kid had the potential to SERIOUSLY hurt myself and/or my baby. 

So damn glad I gtfo of that situation. 

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Omg! My SD is exactly the same way! She was totally disinterest in DD when DH is not around. When DH is around, she immediately started playing with her. SD is only 7, I was wondering if she can be manipulative at this age. 

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Shes 8. Shes been manipulative in different ways since I met her at 4. She just wasn't as good at it then.

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I just realized I replied to a few of your posts (I rarely paid attention to name of OP). I think we have the same issue girl!!! Taking it one day at a time. My SD lives with MIL though (coz MIL is possessive and thinks BM is incapable). I am hoping she grows up ASAP so she doesn't wanna hang out with her dad or ACTS like she wanna play with DD anymore. 

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I want to tell my MIL to actually take her since she thinks she knows so much better what to do. 

I'm hoping the same thing. SD told me that she wants to be an adult so she can have a boyfriend. So I'm guessing the primary attention will turn to boys soon but I'm sure she will still need to be the center of attention when shes at home too.

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I know I’m thinking too much I just hope that she won’t be like her BM, have 6 kids (started to be a mom super young apparently) and have 5 daddies. And of coz she dump the responsibilities of raising the kids whoever is available. 

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thankfully DH only have one with her and I only have one SD. I tried to be a good role model and it’s just not working out. Now I’m doing the disengage. I have a 17-month old and now my worry is SD is a really bad influence. Smh