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How do you handle your stress?

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Hi stepmoms! And how do you handle your in laws?

If any of you have had your own bio kids have you guys ever dealt with postpartum anxiety or anything like that? 

So I used  to be a less scattered individual than I am now. If you have read my blog post before, then you know that I have been dealing with problems with my SS. DH has started taking responsibility and handing him, and is getting a lot better about staying on top of him.  suffice it to say my stress has lead to me finding white hair and I’m only 30. 

Vent-DH, Ss stuff

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I am rather new to this blog thing but I’m desperately seeking advice for dealing with my step family situation. I have a young daughter, not quite two that I’m managing, and a ten year old stepson as well that we get every weekend as my DH has shared custody. I’m also pregnant with my second (also a girl)! Since I became a step momma, I’ve been reading untold amounts of articles and blogs to help me out, and doing my best but I’m not quite sure where I’m going wrong. If I am. Anyway....