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OT- anyone have advice on a great working vacuum?

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I really need advice as I have had five vacuums in the last few years and not ONE of them has worked well (except, of course, a really old one that was made back when appliances were made to last).

I'm ready to rip all the carpet out so that I can just sweep instead.

Anyone have a recommendation for one that has not broken down or lost suction in a reasonable number of years?

Some of mine lasted only months!

And I can't spend $800 on a fancy one. Even if I did, I'd be afraid to buy based on these experiences....

Child support question

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Just wondering what you all think will happen in this situation. My 18 year old is a year behind in school- so he's a junior right now. He lives with his dad out of state.

Kid (adult)asked me if he could come live with me again, and I told him yes. We were going to wait until summer and he would finish out the senior year with me. However, his dad wants to send him to me Feb. 3.

Does your workplace do a gift exchange? What type?

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Every year we do a "white elephant" gift exchange. I'm not totally sure what a Yankee Swap is, but I think our white elephant is more like that because we do the gift stealing thing.

For anyone who doesn't know, our gift giving game goes like this:

Each participant brings a gift. It's supposed to be inexpensive, even something you find around the house. It can also be a gag gift.

Everyone takes turns opening one gift that they pull randomly from the collection. If someone else likes what you opened, they can steal yours and then you have to choose another gift.

Stupid man, child support, non working BM.

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SD turns 18 in about a year, and that's when DH's decree says he is done with CS. I am also done with CS in about a year. When discussing all the money that would be back in our household when that happens, he actually said he'd keep paying! His logic was, "Don't you want to help your child with college, with a home?"

The way I intend to help my child is through teaching good decisions. I'll give him $100 here and there, but that's all I can do.

Please add to recipes!

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I didn't even know there was a recipe section (thanks, Aniki) but someone mentioned we've lost quite a few recipes, and I'm looking for ideas, so if you have a good one, or more than one, please add!

I'm not the best cook ever, but I added this today (something I make all the time, but not my creation):