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Elf on a shelf

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Does anyone here do this? I hate it. My husband kind of did it for SD. But more than anything he bought it, flopped it around the house a few times and would forget about it. Then it would be left up to me to move it.  He would get mad at me for not doing it and saying I would do it for my own kid. Well she's not my kid. And I stopped moving it because SD is so over the top and fake she would go around shreiking this elf's stupid name and asking me why he never moves. So my husband didn't put it out this year and he's actually pretty sure he threw it away. 

So now BM has sent a message to him about it about how upset SD is that the elf hasn't appeared and she hopes it's going to show up soon. Mind your own damn business. 


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I would never, ever, ever, put one of those things in my house. And certainly not because BM told me to.

Your husband had no right to get mad at you for not moving the damn thing.

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I HATE that dumb thing so much. I think my husband only started doing it because BM had been doing it at her house so he wanted SD to have one here also. But he's so forgetful so then it fell on me to move it and honestly I didn't want to put out the effort to do it. I find them stupid and annoying. 

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So you aren't doing it for your kids, but your husband expects you to manage it for his and BM is trying to dictate your family holiday traditions?  Ha ha, nope.

That elf is a great idea for a horror movie, IMO.

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Exactly! She said SD is writing a letter today about the elf. I suppose I wouldn't have a huge issue to do it, and I actually went looking for it this week to find out my husband threw it away. I guess due to the fact that I wasn't managing it 100% and asked him to make sure to move it sometimes. Typical mantrum. 

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Write a letter from the elf to say it's waiting for her at her mom's house. Problem solved.

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I do think the elf thing is kind of creepy, and that is only because parents do over the top CREEPY things with it!!!!! 

I wouldn't do anything BM said but if it were me I would have moved it around and did it for SK.  I always tried to remember that I was doing these things for my husband not the SK's if I thought they were ungrateful.  My husband has always been wonderful to my son so I try to reciprocate and see it in that light.  

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My issue is that my husband really wasn't thankful for me remembering to do it. He was only mad if I didn't do it. There was the expectation that even though he wanted to start the tradition I would be responsible to maintain it. And when he bought it I told him I thought they were stupid and wouldn't be participating. 

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Omfg. My eye started twitching when I saw elf on the shelf. 

My formerSO had one for his "kid". Kid was THIRTEEN and formerSO would also forget to move it and get mad I didn't do it or "remind him" to do it. Er....maybe if you didn't get SO DRUNK you wouldn't have remembered to move the damn thing. I never had one for my older son (do not have one for young son either!). 

His kid acted like he still believed in santa... so *I was accused of "ruining the magic of Christmas" for kid. Said kid had a smartphone with 100% free access and no parental oversight on the internet browsing. No 13 year old it's still going to believe. He just thought that he would get more presents if he did...

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I could see this being my SD.  I feel like she often just pretends about things bc she thinks it will get her some kind of awwww, that's so cute! Reaction. Or that it will benefit her in some way. I honestly find it hard to believe that she thinks this elf is real because she saw a bunch of the boxes at the store and was like oh, why are these here?

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Same with my SD. She was asking about the elf at age 11, ugh. It's not cute anymore.

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She's a very smart person, now a teacher.  Back in the day, she kept up the Santa thing, I guess she was afraid she wouldnt make her normal haul if not.  Ugh.

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I have not and will not ever have one of those little abominations in my home! I always thought they sounded like extra work and stress.

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Yes!! That's all it is. And I'm really not interested! Forgetting to move it, having to come up with different creative ideas of what if's doing. My husband was so lame with it, he would literally just flop it anywhere. I see people doing all these messy things that just seem like a lot of work and clean up. 

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Oh my freaking word.  This is nothing more than BM looking for drama... sending you messages about SD writing a letter about the elf.. how upset she is.  BM needs to mind her own business at her own house.  I get so sick of crap like this.

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I told my husband there's no part of me that doesn't think she's just doing this to try to make him look bad in some capacity. I'm shocked she didn't throw in her trademark "this would be in SD best interest" to bring the elf back. I was I was joking. 

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Oh lord. The worst thing Family Court ever did was adopt that slogan. It's now the battle cry of every HCBM in the world.

What would really be in the best interests would be for her to say, "SD, why don't you talk to Daddy and SM about the Elf on the Shelf? It's their home and their decision."

HAHAHAHA, can you imagine such a thing?

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SD38, Leech, got that little demon, while she was living with us. Leech thought it was Soooo cute. Every flipping day the demon had to be doing something different to entertain SGD, three flipping years of that demon for the month of December. At the time DAH had jumped on the band wagon of that little demon and bought tons of accessories. I still find demon elf crap mixed into my Christmas decoration, every time I find something I throw it away. I talked to SGD10's dad and asked him if he wanted me to ship the Demon on the Shelf to him. He said absolutely NO!, he always thought it was creepy and will not ever have that thing in his house.

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Oh my DH bought these for both skids and I cringed. He started moving them before he went to work.. and SS handed his back to him. When DH asked why? He said it scared him how they move on their own and didn't want his anymore. Haha! I don't blame him they are pretty creepy. DH ended up telling him he actually moved them and then SS didn't believe him. So now SD has two of them and I have nothing to do with it. Terrible idea to begin with. 

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I abhor the Elf!! My mother bought it for us because my brother and his wife were doing it and they thought it was so amazing!!! 

I spent three years trying to get rid of that f@cker, I would leave him boxed up and my mother would come get him out...she thought it was hysterical that I hated it and hated doing it.

Finally one year I bought an angel and sent it with a letter to the kids basically telling them the Elf had to go away for good because he retired, but that the angel would be there to send him messages and could sit in the mom was so mad at me about it, but it was like my house my decision! 

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and REFUSED to have that little f*cker in our house.  My kids could careless about it..(DD figured out Santa around age little dickens she is) and thus no need.  Beaver started the HELLF on the shelf at her house and DH wanted to conintue it here. move that sucker all over the effin house and keep the dogs from making it a dog my guest.  I'm NOT doing that.  I got enough sh*t to do beside moving some stupid HELLF around the house.

MMM..DH opted to tell the skids there was only one assigned to a house and theirs was assigned to their moms. Shocker..Beaver constantly fogot to move it, etc and this kids figured out it wasn't a real elf.

SMH....cause OH HELLF no was I moving some damn stuff animal every night.