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Dealing with a runaway?

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Sd decided to runaway last night from her moms house. We have no idea where she is. We have reported her as a runaway. Reason for this is we found tons of stolen item in her room as well as missing cash. We talked to her about it and she is so upset w our baby coming, she has stated she does not want to except it. She told her mom she needs a break ana left. I told my husband to post something on social media and hasn’t yet because he does not know what to say. This has been the third time in two years. She never wants to own and face the issues she is having.

Does anyone know how to stop a teen SD whom keeps stealing?

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If you had read my post before then you know my SD steals from me all the time and from stores and other people. I have a lock on my bedroom door and make sure my stuff it put away. I just found it swim suite in her room, which is recent since I tossed her room last Sunday and it was not that. I am completely done with this shit. I have called the cops in her before and it did not go well w my husband and since it happened in the house but I keep finding stuff we have not bought for her. Any other thoughts. He said he was goin ftonhave hwr live w her mom but I know that won’t happen.

DH debating on SD living with her BM

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DH blow up on his daughter this evening. (About time). He does so much for her it’s unreal and she keep taking him for granted. She skipped two test last week because she went to the nurses due to a headache. Come to find out she has been talking shit about me hand how she hates it at our house.  Playing  the poor me card to her dad all week because I blow up on her Sunday due to her nasty ass room. But it’s my fault her grades are slipping and she is being lazy. He mentioned to me that he thinks it would be best to just have her live with her BM. Reason this has not happen sooner is A.

Is anyone else’s step teen nasty?

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I spent the weekend cleaning since SD was with her mom and my husband had to work. When looking through my SD room there was food garbage
stuffed in drawers and a used feminine product under her bed. When my husband told her to go look, she denied it was there. I lost my shit because this is
not the first time, we have found things like hidden in her room and not in the trash. I have found bloody pads in shoes, bags, still in her clothes, and under

Any step moms out there that go to counseling with their significant other’s child(s)?

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My husband has asked me to go to counseling with his
daughter (whom is 15) to help build our relationship. I personally believe it will not help since she does not tell the truth nor wants a relationship with me. He says she does, but how do you say you want this when you keep stealing, lying and manipulating everyone around us to believe I am some kind of evil person. This has been going on four over five years now. I love my husband and he stated to do this for him and at least try. Any thoughts our suggestions would be greatly appreciated.