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Just checking in

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Hey, I haven't been around much lately, just popping in to read every now and then.
I am a little blue at the moment, following an argument with DH last night, which ruined our evening completely.
Other updates....sd18 is due in a couple of weeks. DH still has not met up with the boyfriend. It almost happened Christmas day, when SD was visiting her inlaws and called about coming over with bf to dh's family gathering ( over 25 people at his parents). DH said well, then bf and I need to get together first, maybe at a coffe shop, to talk. Bf bowed out and SD came alone.


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Deleted for privacy. Thanks for all the responses. I am having some Internet privacy concerns.

Follow up about Bm's comments. They continued to SD and DD after I left...

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After I left our Knitting and Crochet get together, as I wrote in my last blog, they had a little dinner party at BM's house. DD and Sd were there. Today DD tells me Bm kept talking about my Dh and asked to get a copy of a picture I gave to SS of DH. It's a beautiful black and white I took about a month ago of Dh while he was at work, no posing. It really is a special picture that several people told me I should enter in a contest.