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Just checking in

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Hey, I haven't been around much lately, just popping in to read every now and then.
I am a little blue at the moment, following an argument with DH last night, which ruined our evening completely.
Other updates....sd18 is due in a couple of weeks. DH still has not met up with the boyfriend. It almost happened Christmas day, when SD was visiting her inlaws and called about coming over with bf to dh's family gathering ( over 25 people at his parents). DH said well, then bf and I need to get together first, maybe at a coffe shop, to talk. Bf bowed out and SD came alone.
SD and I are doing really well, which is usually the case when she isn't very happy with her dad. But we have been doing well for a few years now. She has been coming over regularly when DH is not around, and us 3 girls have a good time together. She got me a small Christmas present, and nothing for her own dad..
Bm has backed off a bit, or maybe it's just that I stopped going over to her house to help her with knitting/ crocheting and other stuff. I hear her and her SO may be breaking up; I sure hope that isn't the case...
I wish you all a Happy New Year!


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No, Ripley, he is not one to ask or wish for anything from his kids, particularly emotionally. He knows she is upset about his not just being ok with her boyfriend and he understands that. Other than when her and I have had problems ( and we have.... Believe me!!) , when things are ok, she's always liked spending time with me more. She obviously loves him more, but she has more fun with me. DH is glad I have contact with her and because of that she is close to us.