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Follow up about Bm's comments. They continued to SD and DD after I left...

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After I left our Knitting and Crochet get together, as I wrote in my last blog, they had a little dinner party at BM's house. DD and Sd were there. Today DD tells me Bm kept talking about my Dh and asked to get a copy of a picture I gave to SS of DH. It's a beautiful black and white I took about a month ago of Dh while he was at work, no posing. It really is a special picture that several people told me I should enter in a contest. Well, she told the "kids" she'd really like a copy and , get this Smile SD said " why mom, why are you doing this? You guys are not together, dad is with Stepfamilifriend..." THANKS SD!!! One thing about that girl, she does speak her mind.
I just hope this renewed enamourment with my Dh will stop. I think it's partly caused by Sd having a child and Bm wanting to re create this family they once had. I am not very happy about this at the moment. DD was telling me about it today , then added " mom, at least you know you have nothing to worry there what so ever". I know she is right, but this is a new frustrating development.


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SHe sounds like the desperate soul my boyfriend is currently divorcing. She cheated on him for 3 year and moved in and had a baby with this looser who cant hold down a job. And yet she wants my boyfriend back. Do they not realize how desperate they look. And my boyfriend say its almost sad to see her hold on to nothing.

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I don't think this phenomenon is all that unusual amongst rather dense, shortsighted women who don't know what they've got till it's gone - ie a good man. I had to deal with this with our BM who invited DH to go on holiday with her and the SDs a few months after we got together. This was despite the fact that she threw him out.
I think you need to take your daughter's advice and know that you have nothing to worry about - she's just a bit sad and desperate.