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Marriage may be over, but atleast I have a son now

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Since my last post(About 2 months ago), Ss16 has started unviersity, and his loving it. He's really matured in just 2 months. He said that a number of people asked him how old he was, because he looks really young. Well obviously he's only 16 and in unviersity(he's a genius). 

Sd16 is in high school is already not focusing in school, and just being lazy and not putting an effort into anything at all. How can twins be so differerent? One is so pleasant (Ss16), while the other is rude, cold, cunning, and calculative(Sd16). 

Thinking about divorce due to Sd behaviour and Dw enabling, but i'm worried about ss

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Me and Dw have been together for 6 years and married for 3. Dw has 2 kids (Sd16 and Ss 16-twins)from a previous marriage while I have non (never married). My relationship with sd is pretty much non-existant because all she does is manipulate, cry, and whine to dw to get anything she wants, and she knows that B.S won't work with me. Unlike dw, I call her out on her crap and hold her accountable for her actions, this causes her to run to mommy; which causes us to have legendary fights. She comes at me and says that i'm just picking on her, i don't love her, etc etc.