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So upset I’m shaking

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My usually calm, cool, DH just lost it and went crazy, throwing a glass against the wall, knocking a candle holder off the wall and damaging our hard wood floor and turning over a chair in our basement, causing the seat to fly off. Why, you ask? All because I told him I was sick of SSs treating him like a piece of sh*t while exalting BM like a queen.

DH’s Thanksgiving dilemma

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I've finally removed myself from the planning with SKS, and I'm happy about that! We are having Thanksgiving at our lake house this year. DH decided to invite SSs 27 and 25 and family/wives, since our lake house is nearly 2 hours' drive closer to each of them than our home. Cool. SS25 actually responded he and his DW will be there. Fantastic. SS27 responds they already have plans to eat at SDIL's BM (also a few minutes from BM and her parents/ clan) but they will try to come see us another day that weekend.

Finally as it should be

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When I last blogged in July after the "family vacation" at our lake house, I said we probably would not have any contact with SS27 until youngest SGD's birthday this month. Turns out not only did we not hear from him, but DH reached out to SS27 about the birthday. SGD7's birthday fell on a weekend that we were out of state due to Parent's Weekend at DS20's school. SS27 posted numerous pics on social media of her "birthday weekend" with BM, including fall festivities and her party.

Well, you guys called it

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Over the weekend, we had a bday party for SGD8 at our lake house. As with the party for SGD6 in the fall, DH did all the coordinating with SS26, I bought a cake and added decorations to it, had minimal party decor and ordered in food, so it was minimal effort, which was great. BM had a party for her the day before, and SS26 made 2 posts on social media from the party with 20 photos and/or videos. I stupidly wondered if SS26 would post any pics from our party, as SS26 was actually friendly and even hugged me when he arrived and left, totally initiated by him.

DH & I are stunned!!

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He received a FB friend request from BM! We had just come home from work and were decompressing when suddenly, DH was speechless. Lol. The last time he communicated with BM was when she texted over a year ago from the urgent care with SS25 to ask if SS25 was still on DH's insurance. Last time he saw her was a few months before that at SS25's wedding reception (they had a civil ceremony with no wedding.) When we walked in the reception, BM and her clan, including SS26 and SGDs, were at a table in front of the door and DH stopped to say hello to SS26. BM hopped up and left.

DH finally sees it, & preparing for holidays

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Hello, all, My last blog was about SS26 posting multiple times on social media with pics of SGD6's  bday party at BM's and none of our party that took place the next day. As I think I mentioned, we had the party at our new lake house, and besides the party, my DH built a fire in the fire pit for SGDs to make s'mores and also dragged out all the fishing gear at SGDs' request and helped them fish off our dock, their very first time fishing.