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HELP & ADVISE PLZ - Go to school or get a job, if not the door is over there.

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Needing some advise and feedback from anyone that has been in this position. I have an SS18 who has just finished his final year of highschool. During this last year DH was pushing SS18 to decide what he wanted to do once he finished school as there was no way we are having him staying at home all day playing computer games. It’s either full time work or full time schooling to get a degree of some sort.

Ok Ladies and Gents, help me out with this shitty situation.

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About 6 years ago my FDH did a makeup artistry course and passed with flying colours (the shit head is actually very good, I much prefer for him to do my makeup rather than myself most of the time lol). Although he has a totally different full time job he has done some bridal parties makeup every now and then.

8 Years and Still Counting

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Hello everyone, what an awesome site this is!!! I have been with BF for just over 8 years and we have been engaged for 2 of those years. I have 3 SS’s (18, 15 & 11) with the same BM and no bio children myself  but one day hopefully I will. BM kicked SS18 out of her house and sent him to live with BF and myself when he was about 14 years old, so he has been with us ever since. BM still has primary custody of the younger 2 boys and we see them EOWE.