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Should I go to SD's Sweet 16

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I'm thinking no. SD turned 16 this week. We already went out to celebrate (and she picked a fancy restaurant where we couldn't bring DS1, of course) but her big Sweet 16 party is this weekend. We have a sitter for DS1. I bought a nice dress. But after all of this I'm not in the mood. DH will be socializing with family and friends and having a great time and I will have a permanent sour face. I floated the idea of DH maybe going by himself and he said whatever I felt comfortable doing was fine but he thought we would have a good time.

SD has Unleashed the Beast

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SD15stb16 has not said a word about DH paying or not paying for college since her PSAT celebration dinner. In the end it worked out so Princess Perfect doesn't have to contribute a dime anyway - so no one had any reason to mention it to her or for her to care who. I assumed that this wasn't even on her radar. She is back this week and she knows about DH's email to BM and she is making sure we know how angry she is.

College Money Settled, Still Separating Finances

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Update to my last post about paying for the skids college tuition.

I went and saw a lawyer about the decree by myself because DH dragged his feet. I did not have much hope but you never know. Turns out it is enforecable so BM would have to voluntarily agree to amend the decree. Great. That was all I needed to initiate separating finances. DH said to give him time to figure it out but I said no.

SD's $288,000 College Tuition

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SD15 got her PSAT scores back. 99th percentile. DH is all smiles and of course it has been the main topic of conversation everywhere we go. But at the celebratory dinner on Monday DH and SD were discussing college visits and she said with this big smile on her face, "Hope you've been saving up, you know I'm not going to some state school." I thought this was a joke - DH and I put ourselves through school with scholarships and loans. Whatever money she gets from DH's parents and BM will have to be enough or she can do like DH and I did.

In-laws spend every Christmas Eve at BM'S house

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ClassyNJ's post struck a chord with me.

When DH and BM were married, my in laws and DHs extended family spent Christmas eve in BM and DHs home (now just BMs home). The Christmas after they divorced, DH and I were seriously dating. He was sad about losing the tradition so I invited his family to spend Christmas eve with us but since it was pretty last minute everyone declined because they already had plans.

Son being bullied due to SD

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I have been a SM for 6 years and am having a problem with my SD who is 15. SD has quite simply never taken to me or my 2 bios. Her brother likes me, my bios and my and my DHs baby together, but SD has virtually ignored us (including my and DHs baby boy, her half brother) for 6 entire years (50/50 custody). But that's a topic for another day.