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Son being bullied due to SD

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I have been a SM for 6 years and am having a problem with my SD who is 15. SD has quite simply never taken to me or my 2 bios. Her brother likes me, my bios and my and my DHs baby together, but SD has virtually ignored us (including my and DHs baby boy, her half brother) for 6 entire years (50/50 custody). But that's a topic for another day.

The reason I finally created an account here after years of lurking is because of that happened last month. SD and BS go to the same HS. BS is a freshman and having trouble adjusting. He was being bullied by some upperclassmen and SD walked by, and he called out for her to help him. One of her friends (she is sort of a floater in a popular clique) said, "SD, do you know this little *explative*?" She responded "His mother spreads her legs for my dad, otherwise not my problem". And then she just walked away and continued her conversation leaving my son in the hands of these bullies.

I took DHs last name but my bios have their Biodads last name, which the bullies twisted and now call him "Slutson". He comes home every day in tears. My DD is going to that HS next year and I'm terrified she's going to get the Slutson nickname as well or some variation.

DH and I confronted SD. Her only response was that she told the truth, that I do spread my legs for DH and that is the reason why she knows BS14 and that she has no obligation to help BS. "Not my family, not my problem." I was speechless, as was DH.

I don't know how to handle this situation. I thought the nickname would blow over but it's been more than a month and no sign of losing steam. It has just made him a bigger target. He just returned from Thanksgiving with his biodad and he asked if he could go move in permanently with him 2000 miles away. I shot down that request immediately but my ex and his wife are ok with it. I just don't know what to do. The school is not helping at all (one of his teachers implied he should just toughen up). SD has no interest in helping. She caused this and could fix this easily but there is nothing we can do to punish her. Ugh, just needed to vent and this is the only place where I can do that.


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Unfortunately the Principal and I have already had words about this issue and I have been labeled a "troublemaker" who gets sent straight to voicemail. Taking time off from work and going to the school did not do much good either as I was not allowed to see any of the administrators without an appointment. The next appoinment is in January.

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Contact the school board. You have to be an advocate for your child. Let them know who you talked to at the school, when, and what the response was.

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Since the principal will not address the problem and ignores you, go to the board of education. I'm sure that will get the principals attention.

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The thing is, SD won't fix it. So you have to deal with it anyway.

It is an awful thing, to have no place safe from bullies. Your kid(s) come home and 50% of the time, there's SD ready to make them miserable. They go to school and there are bullies, plus SD.

Unfortunately, this is something a lot of kids have to deal with. Hopefully other parents on here have advice about that, because I've never figured out how to deal with bullies myself.

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I agree--take it to the school. If the school doesn't respond appropriately, take it to the school board. Keep moving up until you get action. There is no excuse in the school allowing this to go on, and they may try to plead ignorant, but I assure you at least a few of the staff members are aware this is happening.

Aside from that, SD would be on severe lockdown for that disrespect towards you. I hope something was done to let her know that whether she likes you or your kids doesn't matter, she isn't allowed to verbalize her disrespect in that way.

Also, seriously consider letting him live with his dad unless there is reason not to. Your current home situation is a bit toxic to him.

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Ok...I am going to tell you 100 percent true what I would do. I would move myself and my kids out of that house. I would not let my kids live with someone like SD. Everyone gets bullied at one point or another. But your SD made it open season on your son and totally disrespected you in the process.

I hope DH gave her swift and severe punishment and that you have NOTHING
to do with her.

If you do not move I would let him go live with his dad. It would be much better than living with SD!

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Amen to Willow. My kids would never be a sitting duck for a situation like this. Your poor son. If one of my kids wanted to move 2000 miles away from me, at age 15, I would die. You, his mom, have to fix this somehow. My next step? The school board. And I wouldn't be living where he'd be exposed to his tormentor.

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let the school deal with the bullies.

Your SD?

Time to clean out her room. Everything. Gone.
Considering what she did to your kid... It would hit the trash and be permanently gone if I were you.

Go to goodwill and find some HIDEOUS clothing (I am talking stuff an elderly woman would look at and say "no... thats just too bright/garish") that is all the kid is allowed to wear. No make up. No hair products/supplies.

Granny panties and fugly (functional but ugly) bras.
No fingernail polish
No Make up
No jewelry
nothing that resembles anything a teenager would want.

No music
No phone
No Tv
No computer
Extra chores, no social life. Turn the little bitch into cinderella and give her something to bitch about.

And then have your husband aquaint your SD with the saying "happy wife= happy life" and until the wife is happy with her... her life is going to SUCK.

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I don't understand why you shut your son down when he has the opportunity to live with his biodad. If he comes home "in tears everyday" and you have no idea how to fix it, why would you shut that idea down so quickly? It seems like a great opportunity to start over and also build a close relationship with his dad. Win / win.

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If my son moved my daughter would want to move, too. I can't be away from my kids for that long. I know its a double standard. And of course I will do it if my son really can't take it. I'm just so angry.

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With love in my heart for you, you have a ninth grader who has been in turmoil since August with no respite. I would let him take this chance. There seems no other real "fix".

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I know this is really hard. I just think this must be so hard for him.

With love, I know you want what is best for him.

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The nickname intensified everything. My son was taking it in stride untul this.

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You're right. It's time us SM stopping living with this crap that most skids give us. I didn't do anything except marry a wonderful man.

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You make a very valid point! I always feel like if I say or do anything against his kids that I'm forcing him to chose. I guess that's why I feel that way. Beee

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Putting your needs first is not good. I let mine go to dads. Hard as hell for me but why make kids pay for my mistake in marrying into an arrogant cold jealous family with very few truly nice ppl in it. My kids love and understand. And if there was a way to make a living there, I would've gone with them.

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From what I read, it sounds like he was being bullied before SD. So it sounds like he was going to be bullied regardless of SD.

Is SD bulling him at school? if so report her. This is the schools problem to deal with and your problem to deal with. Just tell SD to leave him alone and that is all she's required to do.

And the fact is, he either needs to toughen up or find a deep sense of humor. That is how you deal with bullies. You turn the nickname into something funny. You take away the ammo out of the bullies mouths.

Have him watch 8 mile with Eminem. The end scene where he raps all the things he was bullied about empowered him. Your son needs to feel empowered.

When kids call him slut son, he just needs to look at them and laugh and say "I know right! I am slut son hear me roar!" Or something like that.

Give him power, not fear. Bullies love fear.

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Yes, the bullying started at the beginning of the school year. SD ignores him at home and at school, and she says she had to say something because he called out to her and she didn't want to be associated with him. So cold.

I have gone through bullying blogs with him. We've done role playing. We are going to try humor next, thank you for that advice!

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Exactly what I used to do. I was bullied my entire school career (small for my age, funny sounding last name that rhymed with a derivative of the word "stink" was raised in a cult, wore glasses, was always the new kid)

My parents advice was to ignore them and suck it up

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I don't think the first answer is to send him to your ex-husband's house right away. It teaches your son when things get tough run from your problems. And the fact of the matter is .....where you are, there you are. If your son was being bullied prior to SD's statement in high school, then there's a chance he'll get bullied again in the other school.

He instead needs to learn to stand up for himself in a productive healthy manner. Just my two cents. I was bullied in seventh grade. By eighth-grade I figured out how to not get bullied and I had a fabulous year. high school was a blast too, but I was busy surfing all the time so I didn't have time for bullies. Here and there someone would try, and I just laugh them off.

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I think the difference here is that her son is getting it at home, with the SD AND at school. It is different than just getting it at school. He has a spy at home that is making it difficult at both places.

I was bullied in seventh grade continued until eighth. Luckily we moved in my ninth grade year and I just fit in better. I just happened to be one kid's target in that one school.

That is great that you just laughed it off. I was the kid that had NO ONE. Not one person as a friend in those seventh and eighth grades. Kind of an awful place to be.

Let the kid move.

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Actually SD doesn't say much to him at home. She mostly just ignores us and goes about her business. Which is a kind of bullying when you think about it.

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Please stop victimizing yourself and your son. You are not a victim of SD. Think of it as she doesn't get the pleasure of having you and your son and daughter in her life. That she's missing out on a full life by not having you guys. Smile

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IDK how any MOM could let her kids move 2000 miles away, then see the reason for it 50/50. I couldn't live with such hypocrisy and double standard, it would eat me alive. Plus, I'd miss my kids so much I'd want to die.

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Thank you. I know my ex has just as much of a right to the kids as I do. But I would die.

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Thank you. My son doesn't care so much, but it really hurts my daughter as she wants to be just like SD and SD won't give her the time of day.

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I love this!!! Not sure if I have the guts and my son is already begging me not make things worse. But I may be driven to these extremes.

We told BM many times (or emailed her as she never picks up the phone when DH calls) about how she ignores us and her response to DH is always the same "If this is not about our childrens academics, safety, or health this is a you problem not a we problem." This is the response we got when we emailed her about what she said at school.

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Pretty sure the BM isn't interested in co-parenting, her response is classic parallel parenting. Usually there are pretty big reasons for that.

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As a SM I would say the same thing to BM. We have rules and expectations at our house that BM thinks are ridiculous. She constantly voices this opinion and undermines us to SD. We remain steadfast in the rules. When BM calls or texts about a disrespectful SD, this is the response she will get. We parallel parent (50/50 week on-week off) because everything we do is ridiculous & there is no communication from BM unless there is $ due, then the notice is less than 24 hours.

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Thank you all for your suggestions. Here's the problem with SD. She makes straight As. She is involved in a million extra curriculars, so we can't ground her as BM would take us to court for disrupting her activities that she needs to get into college. We have taken away all electronics and locked her in her room (not literally) over the weekend with no impact. We have excluded her from spring break family trip and sent her to MIL - the next day while we were camping she posts pictures on facebook from a ski lodge with her bffs family. We have gone out to dinner without her and she just gets food delivered.

She literally has no interest being anywhere me or my bios are. She's usually not rude, just silent. It would be easier if there were a bratty look on her face but she just sits there quietly with this infuriatingly neutral expression like shes a little bored but humoring you. We have taken away her allowance but she still gets money from BM or babysitting.

I would love to send her to BMs full time but since she is not a typical "problem child" who back talks or hits or does drugs my DH struggles with losing this time with her. She is very close to DH and her brother and when he talks to her she has responded the same way for years, "I dont need to have a relationship with them to have a relationship with you."

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None of that has anything to do with you helping your child deal with bullying in the home or at school.


Sorry to sound harsh. But you can't do anything about SD and clearly DH isn't willing to. So you need to help your son.

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We see it all the Time on the site, people telling SM's to disengage. She sounds like she is disengaged. If stepmoms are allowed to be disengaged then so or stepdaughters. Sorry to say this but I think the sooner you accept it the quicker you'll have peace in your life.

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No reason necessary. She is a problem child, but she's not YOUR problem. Why are you on an online forum blaming SD for your kid getting bullied instead of actually being a parent and helping YOUR OWN CHILD???

I guess whining and complaining is easier?

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It's not even December and you can't get an appointment to talk to an administrator until January. Ridiculous.

School is avoiding any responsibility in creating and letting continue the bullying atmosphere.

Take it up the command chain. Call the superintendent's office. Either you get an appointment or you start calling school board members.

Schools have an obligation to deal with bullies even if they are good students or star athletes.

As to SD, it is true that she does not have to have a relationship with you and your child to have a relationship with her father. But, she should know that saying what she did will have an impact on a relationship with her father. Her father needs to make it clear to her that this type of speech is unacceptable, that calling you a prostitute is unacceptable to him. Her father needs to deal with SD. He needs to make it clear to her that you are his wife and are not to be spoken of in that way or there will be consequences to their relationship.

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Exactly! I'm sure I'd handle my kid being bullied slightly differently, but I'd be addressing MY kid getting bullied.

Why is all the parenting advice focussed on SD? OP isn't her parent. She needs relationship advice if DH won't parent his kids and she and her kids suffer as a result, but most important, she needs parenting advice because all she seems able to do so far is:

1. Blame SD.
2. Blame BM.
3. Blame the school.
4. Think about dying if her kid goes to live with his dad.

None of which seems to be helping her kid. Unless I missed some key action somewhere?

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Actions taken:

Spoke to teachers
Got an appointment with principal
Took my son to a therapist so he could role play scenarios
Went over anti-bullying blogs

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I don't have experience on this. But I still think this is BS. Here's what I'd do:

1. Go to the library and go online. Learn about why some people are bullies and some people are bullied. Learn about why some people who get picked on are traumatized by it and why some are not.

2. Figure out how I can help my kid, given that I understand more about bullies and their targets.

3. Help my kid. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN TALK. Offer comfort. Get more information from my kid. Is it words and being left out or is he being physically assaulted?

4. Take action. If the school doesn't act and he's being physically assaulted, go to the police. If it's words, teach him about detachment, about mindfulness, and find him other activities to excel in and enjoy.

5. Make the big deal in his life all his sources of happiness. Minimize the importance of some not-nice people who don't want him around.

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Every kid is different, mine doesn't naturally stand up for himself and I'm deadlocked with the administration.

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I'm not defending horrible SD. I just think the OP needs to help her own kid, not spend her time and energy on SD.

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I have my moments. I am going to thoroughly enjoy the random online compliment from a stranger for now. Biggrin

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Sue, if she was any halfway decent parent, she'd be looking for parenting advice. But she's not, she's looking for people to jump on the let's-blame-SD-bandwagon. Given that, much better the bullied kid gets into a better environment, he shouldn't have to suffer bullying and that crappy mom.

IMHO, ofc.

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Why is living with another bio parent such a bad thing? A relationship with a dad is just as important as a relationship with a mom. And he is miserable at school.

OP leaving her husband won't necessarily solve that. He may still be in the school district.

Suing the school board will take a lot of time. Again not a fix and definitely not a quick fix.

Moving in with the dad is a quick solution to get this child some peace.

Being ignored by the husband's daughter doesn't make the SD the "only innocent party" to this whole mess. Being disengaged would not be calling someone a whore.

You are all over the place Sue, and as usual full of bluster.

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Your imagination is the one kickstarting that her son will feel abandoned by his mother in living with his biodad. Since he asked for the move, it is unlikely he will feel this "desperate abandonment" of which you speak.

School districts no longer jump in fear of litigation. I work for one. And in addition, in many areas, there is only one school district per town. Perhaps you live in a township with many. We do not know the area in which OP lives.

I was on this thread from the beginning and my comprehension is accurate and clear. It is unfortunate that you replied at all.

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Oh my word, that's horrible! I don't care if I'm just the step mother. I would be having a yell fest with that girl. What a miserable human being! What did your husband do or say? Ifor he did nothing I would kick him and his daughter out the door and tell them not to come back unail the mess is resolved. We are our children's cheerleaders and we must advocate for them because no one else will.
Maybe you could go to the press about the school. If they refuse to help your son I would take him out and either homeschooling him or put him in another school.
No child has permission to speak to you like your SD has, you are still an adult and still command that respect! Those on here telling you this is your fault, don't listen. You MUST protect your children. That comes before your marriage. I love the idea of taking the SD clothes, jewelry, makeup, etc. The fact that she acts like that is a huge reflection on her bio parents!
Hang in there and keep me posted. Your in my thoughts and prayers. It's so hard to take the high road but you will feel so much better if you do.

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Lots of great advice to glean from on here. Bullying can be ongoing and sometimes no matter what you do it will just continue until you graduate.

DD20 didn't do well in high school due to bullying, drama, and cliquish girly dynamics. She would skip school and eventually dropped out, exH and I immediately enrolled her in an online umbrella high school so she could finish high school and have an actual diploma. I would suggest looking into high school alternatives such as charter schools, online high school, home school groups, or early college at a tech school.

Your SD is a rotten brat, I hope you don't lift one finger to help that little B in any way. Karma will get her.

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Check your local community colleges as well. They often have programs where the student can earn college and high school credits at the same time. He may be too young, but it is probably still worth looking in to.

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You need to kick this sorry ass man out the door fast quick and in a hurry. Tell him that you need time to attend to your son who is traumatized. And that it can only be done in the absence of his children. Buh bye.

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Those names are used here and only to complain about a particular step child. There is not one step mother on this board who would address their step child as a "dick dribble" or "crotch dropping."

The difference here is that the step daughter did say those things to her stepmother's face. Big difference

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I think alot *nod to fruity* of this is just an attempt at shit stirring, anyway.

It was difficult for me to come up with a nonmockining sentence using the word alot. I hope you appreciate my efforts.

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SMs are called out here all the time for saying awful things to kids.

Sheldonfan's blog from last summer is perfect example of that.

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Exactly. I would never refer to my skid as a 'dick dribble' but even if I did, there is a difference between saying something on an anonymous blog and saying it to someone's face.

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I was bullied because I have a big nose. So yeah, I guess I made myself a target. My parents should have ponied up for rhinoplasty for my thirteenth birthday, so it "wouldn't be my fault."

And my suggestion has always been, let the child move to his father's house. No one ever says on this board that the kids feel massive abandonment from their father because they live with the mother; however, the inverse appears to be true.

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LOL. I wonder how being shorter than anyone else can be 'fixed.' Walk on stilts? Bring shorter kids into the school?

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She did say it at home when her dad and the OP confronted her. Reread the 4th paragraph of the OP.

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And her dad should have slapped her in the mouth right then and there.

The fact that she had the balls to say that in front of both adults, means she has zero respect for them. It also shows that she views her dad as a weak, little punk. Before she even opened her mouth, she knew her dad nor SM would do anything to her. In their home, she's free to say whatever she wants to say. Both adults gave her that power.

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I think trash of any colour would also think that SD's behaviour is completely unacceptable. But WTH does SD's behaviour have to do with this 'mother' parenting her bullied son? It could be SD, it could be a neighbour or a classmate, the bully's name doesn't matter. What DOES matter (IMHO, ofc) is that this mom (and entire blog) are talking about SD as though her behaviour is a variable in this mom parenting and helping her kid.


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It is definitely a variable. A constant variable to be exact in how she parents her son in the environment he finds himself currently. The only permanent way to change this is for the son to move with biodad. Then the SD would not be a variable at all.

She is a variable. You are mistaking variable for level of importance.

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The only permanent way to remove SD from the situation is for son to move with biodad. But that doesn't mean that son has learned how to deal with being bullied. So the name of the variable 'bullying' is SD, today. Tomorrow, something else.

If I were the son's mom, apart from the fact that I wouldn't be living with a man who allowed his children to speak that way to anyone, my first priority would be to help my son learn how to deal with bullies. Bullies are everywhere, at school, at work, in personal relationships. So it would be important to me to help my kid manage 'mean' or bullying people in general. More important than giving SD, or any other bully, a second thought.

But clearly, that's just me.

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There are two kinds of bullying issues. You have the one-on-one kind and the mob type. The mob type is not controllable by any person. No matter how "not a doormat" or "strong" that person may be. I suspect the mob type is what the OP's son is experiencing. It is overwhelming and not indicative of a character flaw.

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I don't think, and I hope I didn't suggest, that I think the OP's son has a character flaw and that's why he's being targeted by bullies!!!

The OP mentioned her son crying often about being bullied at school. It wasn't clear to me if it was a large group (like, most kids in the class) or one or two main nasties. Either way, I think the most important first step is to help my son make those people and their treatment of him less important. To do that, he needs to be a happy and confident person. That is my biggest job as a parent. Because there will be so many setbacks in life, so many unpleasant encounters. So I need to teach my kid to be happy anyway.

If the bullies' behaviour interferes with him being able to live a normal school-life, then he needs to be removed from the situation.

n addition to getting the school to address the bullies, and in addition to teaching my son how to handle himself if things get physical, and in addition to whatever else the specific situation calls for - like for the OP, she should be teaching kid how to survive the few hours before parents get home with just SD.

Or, like I said, if I were OP, I would not be living with people who behaved like vicious animals in the first place, so the SD-part of the problem is a non-issue.

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She could have just said yes, I said it. There was no need for her to repeat what was said. Repeating it in front of her dad and SM was nothing more than an I'M THE BADDEST BITCH IN THE HOUSE move.

It was a power play and both adults confirmed her believe that she holds the power in that house.

Most kids would have been shooked in that situation. But this little heifer stood her ass there and repeated it.

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I would have flipped. That kid would be excluded from damn near every trip or special activity I did that year.

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I've been sitting here viewing this blog on and off since I it up. I can't help but wonder why the OP dated then married a man with 50/50 custody of a child who went in hating her and her children to begin with.

What kind of 'happy' home life did the OP expect she and her kids were going to have? And to still be having such expectations six years in knowing ALL the involved children are miserable 50% of their young lives? I wouldn't do it to myself. I certainly wouldn't do it to my children or his children.

I feel sorry for both the OP'S kids and the SD.

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I Did. Took my children and got the HELL away from the whole lot. Effe that noise.

Mostly I stopped reading when I realized the OP had no intention of actually helping her son. She won't consider letting him get out of the situation. Kids kill themselves over bullying. But what do I know. I had a kid messing with my daughter. I told the athletic director. He called the kid in and handed him his ass. Guess what? He never messed with my DD again and told his buddies to not either or the AD would make sure they would pay. There are ways to shut this shit down. One if my favorite people was the school officer. He watches my kids like hawks to take care of them. He watched out for me while I was going thru my divorce.

There was bullying by my STEPkids towards my kids. My exH was always targeting my son. Guess what? I got a damn divorce.

Y'all are too scared to act. Pathetic.

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Geez! Why are people such wimps??? I don't have to live with an asshole or his shitty kids. No one does.

Lol damn. It just gets me.

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In a different era SD's head would have rolled for saying something like this; too bad we live in a time where we fear disciplining our children because they won't "like" us.

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Why aren't there two blogs then? One talking about how to help her son and one to talk about how to help her with her DH/SD problem?

Instead there's just the one that seems to be about SD. Why is SD the most important player in this mom's life, when her son clearly needs guidance and support?

So pointless to talk about respect as a social problem when the problem with SD being a shit person is her parents allowing it. And then 'helping' a child getting bullied by complaining about the SD's of the world. Because being right solves problems and leads to harmony and holding hands and skipping. (<--- That was sarcasm.) If your own mother is stuck talking about SD instead of helping you learn how to be happy anyway, then I'm pretty sure an entire online forum talking about SD is also useless.

Or accept that some people are different, even *gasp* wrong. Then make them unimportant in your life. By having a great life.

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Ugh! I don't CARE what people post about or complain about, nor am I telling people what to blog about.

I AM saying that I think it's a piss-poor parent who is looking for support and help dealing with a bratty teen SD INSTEAD OF looking for support and help parenting her kid who is the target of bullying.

I guess that's controlling... in the sense that I control my own thoughts and opinions? Or in the sense that I have values that I would turn to in such a situation that would prioritize helping my crying child over crying boo-hoo over someone else's poor excuse for a child?

But I really don't think so. I think I can say or think or talk about whatever I want, just like you. If you want to get all up in my face because I think the OP is a crap parent... and talking about THAT matters more to me than whining about the SD's of the world, go for it. I don't care what other people post about or complain about nor do I tell them what blog or comment about.

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HRNYC, I know you put this in at number 6: " seem to be uber concerned about your kids" because of the OP's comment somewhere about DD not getting enough time/attention from SD.

But I disagree. I think a parent "uber concerned" about her kids would be dealing with her son getting bullied.

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Gawd dammit. Yesterday new comments brought me here. This morning new comments brought me here. This afternoon and tonight... Same thing!!

Somebody message me when this big lie finally dies.