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So as tons of you know. I'm not super happy in the area we're in. DH graduates in August, so I'm exploring a few other options. One that takes us two hours away from this little town and closer to a city. Hopefully I can convince DH he wants to work up there as well, lol.

Spring Break - Short

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Shocking I know. Psycho did not show, neither did anyone else. There was also zero contact from the time she decided to no longer respond. Now here we are. Days into spring break. Psycho has not seen or talked to the girls in over 2 weeks. Willing to bet we make it clear to the four week mark when her normal visitation resumes. And that she'll probably ditch them with the nearest family member.

Anyone else ever just super disgusted with these people??? Claim to be the world's best. Can't even bother.

Totally keeping GREAT track of the CO *eye roll*

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I'm sitting at work (having a good day actually. ALL the bosses are out of town. So it's been relaxing, my office is deep cleaned. I got myself a good lunch, went to the gym during lunch too. Been AMAZING. And my clean office is such a calming environment.) DH tries to call, I missed it. He sent me a message saying "call me when you get a chance."

So I immeadiately call him. He says. "So the ex messaged me. She wants to know if the weekend is considered spring break too? It is isn't it? I don't have the order with me to double check."

Break for me!!!

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So DH is on spring break... Which means... I'm off kid duty for the week!!! (for the most part) I'm still part of the family. But DH is taking care of all school pickup and drop off, homework before I get home. PLUS he agreed to cook dinner tonight. Literally everything! And I am going to the gym!

Plus because of this. I get my lunchbreaks back!!! So I'm going to actually go get real food! Don't have to bring the kids back to work for the last hour either. I'm so excited!!!

I need this.

Month 2 of Psycho "Paying Child Support"

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In January Dh told Psycho she needed to start paying SOMEHTING for CS. She paid $200 (So just over half of what she should have... After already being 6 months behind...). Here we are on month two... First visiation down... ZERO dollars... In fact... Psycho didn't even attend pickup or drop off... Psycho SR and Psycho's sister showed up for pickup...

I think DH got hit with the Smart Stick and OT.

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My DH, has gotten increasingly smarter lately.

Backing me up to Psycho and her family.

Oh and today's realization!

I've ALWAYS wanted to limit YouTube and TV. I fought tooth and nail to ban regular YouTube and to have the TV off at 8:30 every night (Except weekends... I lost that) so we only have Kid's YouTube. I still have had issues with Kid's YouTube tbh, but at least it was progress. THEN, today Dh sends me a message:


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In my earlier blog today (sorry for so many... Work is high stress... Therefore any stephe!! issues popping up are bothering me more than usual....) I told you all how GBM and Psycho's sister were trying to convince me to give them spring break, or half spring break... They apparently did NOT like my answer (shocker).

Blog Hog - Psycho's Sister wanted to "stop by"

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So I get a text telling me to tell SD6 Happy Birthday. Then also saying "Hey! We're going to stop in and drop off a present! Also my mom is in town and will probably come too!" To which I'm just thinking... This is one step away from you beinging Psycho to just "stop in." to my home she's not allowed in...

I call DH, who's just like "just let them... It's for SD6."

My first thought was to message back and say "you'll have to talk to Dh about it." BUT then I thought about it.