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Summer Visitation

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Psycho messaged DH this last week. She wants to move summer visitation back a day because: "Well the 16th is father's day, so this way you actually get to see them on that day." 

Per the CO, DH gets the girls 8AM to 6PM EVERY Father's day regardless of "who's time" it may fall on. So no Psycho, he gets to see them either way.

Why does she want to change you may ask? She was ordered to do 100% of the transportation. She doesn't get them until the 15th at 6PM and would have to return them to us the next morning by 8AM. So basically, too hard on her, so let's swap dates.

OT - MEN *eye roll*

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My sister's husband. i've honestly never really been a huge fan. My sister is a people pleaser, he's definitely the controlling type.  I alwasy felt she was being taken advantage of. He wanted to move 24 hours away, they moved, he now wants to move accross the country, so they're getting ready for that move.  My sister NEVER speaks up for herself. EVER. She's timid and shy. He's controlling. I was vocal of this at the beginning when they were dating, but was told to hush because she loooovvvveeeeedddd him.

"Mother's Day" weekend

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Notice the air quotes? That's because the whole day was a MESS.

To start off: DH had his internship (he has like 350 hours in 3 months. It's insane). So I spent the weekend alone. he worked from 8AM-midnight both days, and while he texted me when he could. It made for a LONG weekend. I did finally make it back to the gym and took myself to some popup flea market I saw on Facebook.

Friday is drop off. Psycho is 20 minutes LATE. She's lucky, after she wasn't there I decided at 5:30 we were leaving because I don't need to wait around because she cna't be responsible.

OT- Update on Life

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Last Wednesday we had a grease fire. We were deep frying (steak nuggets... SD10 had been asking for them for AGES), pan caught on fire, tried to smother with another pan (couldn't find baking soda). That pan caught on fire (yay). Gave up on smothering, told kids to run to back yard with the dogs, grabbed burning pans and ran out the house with the fire instead to keep the house from burning. Finally got burned enough on my hand I dropped the pot, SD6 came back (because lack of listening skills some days) and got splashed by the falling burning oil.