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"Handed" to you

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Lat night Dh and I were joking around. He joked about me being "white" privlege. (I got a job at 16 to pay my own way... And paid my whole way through college while working... FYI. My parents did technically have money, both were working and my dad is an engineer, I just did not see any of said money. lol)

Me: "I haven't ever been handed anything."

Him: "But I handed you two beautiful children!"

"But everyone else...."

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I was driving SD9 to school this morning (there's nothing unusual about that, lol). Listening to music, she was singing along. Then all the sudden:

SD9: "So everyone at school has cell phones.... Like the adults AND the kids!"

Me: "That's nice."

SD9: "So I'm like the only one without one, how am I supposed to call you if something bad happens?"

Me: "Do you ever go somewhere without daddy or I?"

SD9: "Well no."

Me: "Then I think we're good kiddo! Have fun at school!"

She just told me she loves me and hopped out of the car. LOL

Sleeper Sofa - OT

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So since I am sick of living on an air mattress and always having a stiff neck and back... I know I still definitely don't have the funds to move out from the in-laws (hopefully soon, we're working on that, have the debt much lower even)