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Car Money - A Vent

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So finances, obviously a disagreement in most marriages...  Causes AT LEAST a little bit of contention.  Typically, our finances are seperate.  He pays certain bills, I pay certain bills, we split groceries and we do what we want with the rest. (never much... I try and put some up, right now I'm paying for school and two cars though... So....)

SD6 and Yo-Yos

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What the motherfudging heck is with schools throwing all these random products on kids?!?!  

SD6's school has a travelling yo-yo person come in every year to do a show, but obviously he can't just do a show, NOPE, he has a sale, for like an entire week, on forking cheap plastic yo-yos.  Last year we gave in and got her one (for 8 bucks. UGH)  She lost in in about 4 seconds, then never played with it again. 

UPdate from yesterday.

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Guess who got up and handled the skids this morning?


Anyone else as shocked as I am?


Only exception was I did SD6's hair. She wanted pigtails and bows. lol.  But it took about 4 seconds becuase I braided her hair last night, so it was completely tangle free!


But hey! Apparently our little arguement got through to him finally!  Here's to it continuing!

DH is pissy.... AH well.

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Background for anyone that missed it, SIL had a seizure, no longer has a license, DH has driven her a few times to work and dropped her kids off at school.  She could have got the license back a few weeks ago, but BIL spent the money she needed for the reinstatement fee... Now that you're all caught up.... Smile

While I was home for lunch, DH doesn't work today.

DH: "SIL said this is probably the last day I'm going to have to drive her."

Me: "Thank Goodness."

Visitation - Tales of MIL's crap

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Drop off was on Friday. DH was working, so I handled it.  Which typically is no big deal.  I drop the kids. Psycho hardly says a word. Then we're done.

Not this week though. Why? Because MIL doesn't know how to keep her nose out of EVERYONE's business.  Why is it at her house still? Because we moved it short term, MIL PROMISED to but out of things, so we mvoed it back. Bad. Idea.