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I knew I was right

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The school called me. They really LOVE communicating with me. Ever since they got that paper in the system giving me rights at the school, they call me over DH at SD5's school... Probably because I take things seriously...

ANYWAYS... Apparently SD5 was drawing bloody and gory images in class... Something about the "3AM challenge" She told the teacher that her and her sissy watch it after DH and I are asleep.... So several issues:

1) We have a TV off at 9 rule, DH and I turn it off, WHICH MEANS, we're turning it off and they're proceeding to turn it back on.


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So Psycho's Pick-up. Was over an hour ago for the Christmas break. I'm planning on going to his parent's around 12 to see if she shows then.

But we're an hour late, and DH has not heard a single word about any of it. Kids are still at school (so far as we know I guess...) And she's mentioned NOTHING about pick-up at all.

If she doesn't bother today or tries later. She's working around my schedule now. Correct?

Just double checking....

OT- Elf on the shelf

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So good news. The dogs got the elf.

Bad news... Apparently he wasn't delicious and they only bit off an ear... Therefore... The elf is still kicking it...


Also like a good little person not wanting to shatter Christmas magic... Touching the elf with gloves and then putting him on the Christmas tree is A-okay in emergencies now... LMAO

The elf was so close to dying... My furbabies can destroy my favorite hat in a moment of weakness... But they couldn't finish off the elf... Darn... LMAO 


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So visitation was supposed to start 5PM on Friday through 5PM on Sunday for Psycho. I already told you about the hour and a half late and the sister doing the pickup.

So after that. Psycho did not even see the kids until afternoon on Saturday. She then went to a party her sister threw for SD9's birthday. After that she ditched the girls with her brother that night. She also ditched them with her brother the next morning.

That afternoon she took them to a Christmas Party that druggie's family was throwing. Then brought them home about 15 minutes early.

So it begins

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Psycho.... Isn't picking up the girls until 1.5 hours after she's supposed to... And by she's picking them up. I mean her sister is picking them up and they're spending the night with the sister. 

For someone who claims to "want to see her kids every single day" she sure doesn't make an effort to even see them on her days...

That's all. 

I feel like a blog hog

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I'm just hurting... DH called. Psycho message dhim requesting clothing be sent becuase they're gonig straight somewhere with their mother, and also that we meet earlier because of the weather (hurricane coming through, we're out of the path though, so we'll get rain, and it's not even predicted a lot). I told him no and we need to stop enabling her... We already have lost lots of clothes to there, hence why we stopped sending them.

SD9 - The Negotiator

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So I had to break the news to SD9 that they're headed to see Psycho tonight. She was trying to make plans with me for Friday and I told her she wouldn't be here. Here's how that went (I even tried to softed the blow with GBM being in town and getting to see her)

Me: You won't be here, GBM is in town, so you're going to go spend some time with them.

SD9: How about no.

Me: Kiddo, I don't have a choice on this one, you get to go

SD9: We either go at the usual time or not at all

Me: I don't have a say...

SD9: Well neither does she!

Ughhhhh - Vent

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This weekend was a pain in the arse!

Firs toff I found out why Psycho wants the girls. Psycho Sr. has made a visit to town, so s***, we have to pretend we care so she'll keep forking over money. She even made an instagram post about it (Via MIL, I refuse to even humor her on any form of social media, she finds herself blocked...) All "Look at who surprised me with a visit! I can't wait to get my other two!" Okay then... But this explains a lot, and also why it was so last minute and she's still willing to give up half of it....