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OT - Just a quick update

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I'm officially on the market for houses. I found a cute forclosure I LOVE and am in the beginning stages of getting it. Hopefully it will come soon and smoothly, as I desprately need my own space. Plus it's priced 10k below the last appraisal and work has been done on it since.

Well it Happened

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First I would like to say, you'd be proud of me. I did ZERO snooping, my sister was the one that came to me with information.

Last week the X was trying to cinvince me to come over for a hookup. Obviously I turned it down. TOld him absolutely not and I'm not a hookup person.

So my sister calls yesterday, tells me to sit down.  X has made a new Fakebook and has a new victum... er... girlfriend.

OT - life

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I got the talk to the skids. WIthout any involvement from the s***head.  His mom actually called. She has the girls the majority of the time (shocking I know) and said they missed me and wanted to talk to me.  I talked to them for a bit, averyone came away happy, I didn't have to talk to the ex at all. So there was no stress. I've mostly blocked the ex on stuff at this point, and my stress levels are WAY down.

OT - Court House Shut Down

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The lawyer called... Due to the Coronavirus... The court house is shut down until April 16th at the earliest...  He's not 100% sure what that means about my court papers.  I could still see a decree since we aren't asking for any actual court time... But more than likely, they just won't bother signing them until AFTER they open back up.

The. Actual. Fork.

That is all.  I know it's good they're taking it serious... I just really want the papers to be signed by the judge so this can all be behind me.

OT - Signed and Waiting on the court

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So last Thursday we finally signed the divorce papers. Very straight forward and simple, not much to split between us, just made sure I had my name back in there, we both kept our own debt, and we both kept our cars.  I had already gotten my stuff, so we both just signed saying whatever was in the other's possesion now belongs to them.

Honestly it's been relaxing, I didn't realize how stressed out and high strung it was making me, not to mention how self-concious about my clothing it was making me.  I feel a HUGE weight has been lifted off.

OT - Divorce *UPDATED*

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So OneLife's blog got me thinking. Yes there are the 5 stages of grief, honestly I think I finished most of those before I hit him with the dovorce news, it was like I KNEW it had to happen.  I went through the crying, the denial that it had to, then it was kind of just acceptance, and besides the fact STBX has been a pain in the a$$.  I've processed the grief for the divorce.

I am still however grieving for the girls, and I think that's going to take a LOT longer than grieving the divorce...

OT - Paperwork

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So I can voice my sheer annoyance.

Lawyer beginning of last week "your paperwork is good to go."
Me: "Awesome! I'll pay you ASAP!"

Thursday: *tax returns come in, so I pay him*

Me: "When can we get this signed and done with."
Lawyer: "It won't be ready until beginning of next week."
Me: "okay"

Me: "when and where can we get this signed this week?"
Lawyer: "I'll let you know when it's done."


OT - Update

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So it's been a bit, I've been in Indiana on a business trip, currently in 5 inches of snow and LOVING it (coworker not so much.  BUt I'm calling it Karma since he's been a d***.)

I officially got tax return money TODAY.  The lawyer has been paid, he's doing one more review of the papers, then we sign and we're done (assuming STBX doens't pull any s***, which let's be real... He probs will... BUT, I have proof of the infidelity, so I'd win in court.  I'll ahve the divorce either way).  I also recoupped the money STBX owed me from last month BEFORE I sent him anything.  SO yay me.

OT - Miscellaneous

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So not to brag or anything, but I had the BEST Valentine's Day dates.  Due to my lack of an H I celebrated with my doggos.  Coworker was out with his parents so we even had the house to ourselves.  Cooked up some steak and homemade mac and cheese and some veggies and chilled out and watched TV, I even went soft and gave both furbabies a SMALL piece of steak (they don't get people food.  I'm mean like that.)