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OT - The high before the low

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Does anyone else get these like SUPER productive highs before crashing into the ground?

This morning, I got up at 5, went for a run with the puppers, did morning Yoga, SHAVED, went to work feeling like a damn boss.  Had a beyond productive morning.  Looked at my bank account and was SO PROUD of myself for being hundreds of dollars ahead of my budget!

So naturally because I was on SUCH a high, the world decided to knock me down...

Sad Day - OT

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So I'm having a rough day.  I knew what today was, obviously... I dunno who remembers it, October 31st was the day my cousin went missing while on a trail run.  November 1st was the first day of the search, and the day my mom called to tell me...

Hypocritically trying to make me jealous - VENT

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So H. Whom I'm separated from. And honeslty feeling mainly indifferent to... He's been very bipolar. Accusing me of things... HATES that I'm livign with some random male. Period.

So he messages me and gives me a "I'm having people over at 10:30 tonight.  Some receptionist and some basic people. Both male and female.  But at different times."

I guess what confuses me about this... Is:

Separation Update!

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2.5 weeks down.  He's escalating hardcore...  He showed up to the gym when I was there... Tried to guilt me into coming back. Informed me that he's been a "changed man for 19 days now!!! And I should see just how permannent it is!"  Didn't like it when i said no.  And proceeded to inform me I was making a mistake... So i did a quick run through of his patterns for him from the last three years...

Showed up at work...

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So thank you to everyone's responses on my last blog.  I want you all to know I took the time to read them, and frankly I'm doing some research on divorce proceedings here... There is a legal seperation option, but the more he pushes, the more I really feel maybe it's just time to cut ties from all the crazy...  The longer I've been away, the more I've realized how unhealthy the situation has been... An dhow unhealthy it will continue to be...

Apparently They Just Don't Like Being Called Obsessive

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And I mean seriously. Who knew?! DH over a WEEK of separation, has been relentless.  Never ending messages, hounding me, sending random flowers and a gift to my work, etc.  It's been a MESS.  And he's been moody because I'm not communicating.

We've met up a few times to talk, are still coordinating kid stuff, but it's getting harder the crazier he acts.  I'm trying to be reasonable... BUT, idk that he is.   He's been obsessive, contantly trying to call. I woke up the other morning to 14 missed calls... Which is a no go in my book... sooooo....  


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So I'm sure everyone is SOOOOO surprised because we were obviously the perfect couple (sarcasm).  DH and I are seperated for the time being. Myself and my two furbabies (DH kept his) moved out last night for an indeterminite amount of time. 

Back-tracking to things I never posted about (we'll do cliffnotes)

Car Money - A Vent

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So finances, obviously a disagreement in most marriages...  Causes AT LEAST a little bit of contention.  Typically, our finances are seperate.  He pays certain bills, I pay certain bills, we split groceries and we do what we want with the rest. (never much... I try and put some up, right now I'm paying for school and two cars though... So....)

SD6 and Yo-Yos

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What the motherfudging heck is with schools throwing all these random products on kids?!?!  

SD6's school has a travelling yo-yo person come in every year to do a show, but obviously he can't just do a show, NOPE, he has a sale, for like an entire week, on forking cheap plastic yo-yos.  Last year we gave in and got her one (for 8 bucks. UGH)  She lost in in about 4 seconds, then never played with it again.