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Former SD12

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Last night I got a follow on instagram while I was streaming, I didn't think much of it until I saw it was Former SD12.  Who just made a new instagram, even though she's supposedly on electronic ban due to some questionable behavior I only know about becuase I was informed since FSD12 and I were occasionally texting when she needed an ear. (group chats at school chatting with friends from her old school talking about sex and hurting themselves... At 12...)  She got put in mandotroy therapy and I was informed no longer got electronics, so I haven't heard from her since (since I refuse to communicate with a toxic a$$ ex)

So back to the instagram.  I look at it, she's again posted a snapchat, I didn't think she was supposed to have publically.  Has decided she's bisexual (which whatever, but she's 12... I was still playing in dirt calling relationships gross at 12.... So feels young to me to start recognizing any of that???). She's a she/they,  which I guess I'm just old becuase i just don't understand that one.  Oh and she also posted a whole ton of semi revealing photos AS A 12 YEAR OLD.  Soooo out of concern I called my ex's mom, who informed me that she was with Psycho for thanksgiving holiday, who had informed EX that she had no interest in being a parent and just wanted to be a best friend.  Also she wasn't supposed to have any form of electronics yet, and this shows why, since they had just talked about internet safety since FSD12 had picked up a "most likely" child predator. Sure enough I take a look at her followers... A few literal porn accounts AND Psycho herself and her mom.

So that was fun.  I honestly hope they figure it out, I'll never get an update with any luck, but holy cow, I just feel like she's crying out for attention and it's worrying.  That poor kid.  I literally am soooo glad to be out of the circus, but the poor kid.


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It's sad. A lot of stepparents who come on this site are unhappy because of the dynamics with their spouse, skids, BM, in-laws, etc. Those dysfunctionalities that make stepparents unhappy also tend to royally fk up the skids. You feel sorry for them, but you can't change it. 

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Nope. Accepted that years ago.  The way my therapist puts it is "you can't save everyone and you'll only stress yourself out trying."  And she's not wrong.  

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Sadly, the Internet has destroyed any sense of innocence in childhood - and kids are dealing with adult topics much earlier, while at the same time, being fairly immature and not having good coping skills.  It's a disaster - mental health issues are through the roof. You just described a very common patient we see in my clinic - but throw in some suicidal thoughts, too. 

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Could you report it to Instagram that minors posting inappropriate things etc?