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Is it really possible?

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I've noticed something on this site - and I'm no exception -, it's that people tend to think of their children as great and amazing, sometimes even their parents, while they judge their husbands and stepchildren very harshly.
Now this is not an attack - I actually often find myself thinking the same way, but.. Can it really be true?

I mean, is it possible that everyone here has a great, lovely, pleasant, enjoyable child while their step kids are brats that no one can tolerate?

Sister's name tattoo?

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This is is not my story, but a friend's. Her husband tattooed his sister's name a long time ago. He's married now, has children. Only sister's name is tattooed. She's bothered by that, wants it off, says it's weird and sick to have only her name tattooed. The sister is alive and well.
What are your opinions?
I agree with the friend, tbh.

SD16 stole my money

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SD16 stole my money from my purse while in a restaurant. In dollars, it'd be around 60 maybe. My husband gave me the money, HIS money, because the bitch spent all she took and won't pay back. Considering she's here every other weekend and already grounded from everything, just like her sister, there isn't much we can do. But I'm so pissed, I hate her.
I was stupid to leave the purse there, but I didn't think she'd take anything in front of people in there. But oh well, partially my fault. Partially hers for being a sneaky bitch.

Sds on

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The post about made me think. What would you do if your stepkids were recording videos in your home or talking about your home on that site?
It's what my SDs did/do. I feel VERY uncomfortable about it but I'm not sure if I'm just being paranoid and spiteful or others would worry too.

SDs convinved my niece that God doesn't exist

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I had two of my nieces, 6 and 8 over today. SDs arrived after school for their visit that we have every other weekend.
My nieces adore the SDs with no special reason, they just do. Because they're older or in my niece's words, "because they are preeeeeeetty and they are fun and they have fun and they wear barbie clothes and they have barbie's hair and blah blah blah."

SDs talking about me

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My step daughters that we have every other weekend don't react to any punishment and they do whatever they want to because they just don't care about the consequences. Their rooms are stripped of everything,and while they're here they do nothing and have nothing. They accept it and keep up with their shit. Well they don't care because they're only here every other weekend so it's just a day and a night of punishment and it doesn't matter to them.

I hate her.

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My teenage stepdaughter with such a lovely attitude keeps pissing me off. I just had to vent.
Because of her terrible, terrible behavior she is grounded. Has been for quite a long time now actually. Grounded as in room with only basics, minus the door, and not going out. Though she's here only on every other weekends, and sometimes Wednesdays and Thursdays during summer break. But whatever. Still grounded. DH is really trying and I'm happy that I at least get his support.