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Sister's name tattoo?

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This is is not my story, but a friend's. Her husband tattooed his sister's name a long time ago. He's married now, has children. Only sister's name is tattooed. She's bothered by that, wants it off, says it's weird and sick to have only her name tattooed. The sister is alive and well.
What are your opinions?
I agree with the friend, tbh.


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BM's husband has his last name tattooed down his arm. DH and I say it's so he won't forget it. Otherwise he might get stumped when he gets to the "last name" block on forms. LOL

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I think it depends on the family. Did they have a really messed up childhood and have a crazy close bond because of it? If growing up they were the only ones there for eachother, it kind of makes sense. I would let it go, weird or not... It's a sister, not an ex.

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The only names tattooed on my body are my biological sons because they are my world and will always be first. My DH asked if I'd add him or SS7 someday. He received a resounding NO!!! My sons are the best thing I've ever been blessed with and they deserve a special tribute. They love that they are the only names out of all of my tattoos.

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Removal can take a while and still leave a shadow of what was there. How about buying a nice "cover" tattoo instead? Wink

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My vote is that it's really an ex's name but his sister has the same name so he's played it off like it is his sister when in reality it's actually a woman he dated.