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I hate her.

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My teenage stepdaughter with such a lovely attitude keeps pissing me off. I just had to vent.
Because of her terrible, terrible behavior she is grounded. Has been for quite a long time now actually. Grounded as in room with only basics, minus the door, and not going out. Though she's here only on every other weekends, and sometimes Wednesdays and Thursdays during summer break. But whatever. Still grounded. DH is really trying and I'm happy that I at least get his support.
So we get into an argument that turns into a fight and she somehow finds it acceptable to yell at me that I'm a stupid bitch, dumb whore, and so on. DH tells her that she will never talk to me that way again, and she just says "Or what? You're going to ground me?", and just starts laughing like a maniac. Now she's in her room, almost an hour after, and she starts laughing like crazy every 5 minutes, it lasts for about a minute then it stops. And then it starts again.
I want to slap the shit out of her. She's just not a normal person. I feel sorry for DH.


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I try my best to ignore it.
Possesed - the right word for it! Omg! I just can't understand this girl. Crazy.

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Definitely! I'll try to think of that to keep my sanity, heh. I can't imagine having her here all the time. I'd die. Sad

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Just say "No, not ground you. Let's just say one day when you least suspect it I WILL let loose on the largest embarrassing behaviour that I can muster. THEN we will see who is laughing. Revenge is a dish best served cold."

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What do you mean by embarrassing behavior?
I think saying something like that would be good. }:)

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I'm disengaged already because I just can't stand her. She's a total bitch. Sometimes I can't believe someone so young can be so vile.
There are no counseling appointments, but she certainly does need some. :sick:

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Do not allow this toxic piece of shit to be anywhere near you. Your DH can go see her off site. She should be DEAD to you. (one can always hope for the real thing).

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I try to ignore her and act not like she's dead, but like she never existed in the first place.
If she can treat me like that, I can do the same. I'm so done with trying to get on her good side. She doesn't even have one.

I could never hope for her being dead because it would absolutely ruin my husband that I love. But I can just wish and dream of her never being born. Biggrin

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I always wonder because SD17 would "argue" like that who the hell gives them to the right to argue. So you know what I did? I stopped I would find myself in the middle of making a statement as I got push back from her and I would just stop, turn to her and say: I"m done arguing with you, I have done it since you were 9 I am an adult you are a child. I dont have to explain anything to you. And Im not going to. You do not have adult status in this house little girl ever. Get out of my face" End of discussion she will still be bitching as she walks away. I always add for good measure, Id shut my mouth if I were you. And I finally took that advise about removing the door when slammed...I dont know if it worked because I didnt put it back up and she has since moved to

Dont argue with her that gives her power and an adult status. Huge mistake I made. Learn from it