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BM wants to meet me

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Hello everyone! I've been reading this site and many of your posts for over a year now and everyone here has been tremendously helpful in so many ways.

I usually just read what's been posted and get insight from that, but this time I would like to ask you all a question directly; what purpose does it serve for BM to want to meet my fiance and I for dinner so she can meet me?

Their kids are grown - last one just graduated HS and is 18 on her way to college out of state & the other older kids are doing their own thing as well (as much as kids do these days...).

Tired of being understanding

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I really would love to be "strong" and let my uncomfortable feelings "roll like water off a ducks back" but theres a bit of a power stuggle going on within me.

There's a dichotomy at work here. My mom raised me to stand up for myself - to not be a little mouse over in the corner living on the crumbs of life. BUT (and there's always a but...) good girls are supposed to think of other peoples feelings...bla bla bla.

my self-depreciation rant

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At least many of you ladies are putting yourself out there and being seen and heard by his ex and family. I still haven't come out of my dark little corner. I am almost positive I will never be at the same event / place as his ex. Well, not if I can help it. I would probably have a complete melt down. I don't know how you ladies have the courage to DO all this stuff. Meet his family, ex's family, kids, all that stuff - I would feel totally lost / and end up feeling so awkward.

Am I being avoided?

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I am not sure what to make of my boyfriends 16 year old daughter. She seems nice enough - she's polite and all that. But I am starting to believe that she is avoiding situations that include me.

My boyfriends kids are pretty much adults (16 yr old D being the youngest) and they all live at home with their mom a few miles from our house.

Any Grandparents out there?

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I've decided to do some worring about future events!

My BF and I plan to marry and not have any children of our own. He has 4 already and 3 of them are young adults. I am wondering what it's going to be like when his kids start having babies of their own. I don't have a lot of interest in having children but worry that I will feel the sting of jealousy (or maybe I won't be jealous - but happy!).