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Logging into home account..needed to slightly vent..

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Had our get- together last night. Lots of laughs, lots of great food, too much booze..we had a lot of fun. Saturday morning was a little busy getting last minute groceries, cleaning up the house and so forth. DH didn’t mention SD18 coming again so I certainly didn’t bring it up. BD18 came home from college for the weekend. BS17 had a handful of friends over. Everything was going great. Then SD18 walks in...GMA had dropped her off. I said a polite Hello and went on welcoming our guests as everyone was trickling in. For about the first hour, SD18 never left DHs hip. Seriously they looked connected. Fortunately either DH said something or SD18 grew tired of literally being stuck up his ass because it stopped. SD18 never spoke to my bios or their friends, pretty much isolated herself the rest of the evening. At close to midnight I assumed she was staying the night, because I knew GMA wouldn’t be out that late to pick her up and I nor DH was in any shape to drive her. She had a change of clothes so obviously it was planned, but of course nothing was said to me. No big deal..I went to bed and was quite out of it.

So today has been a very lazy day. Not a terrible hangover..just kinda moving slowly lol..I don’t drink like that often. I decided to take a nap around noon and ended up sleeping 2 hours. Woke up hoping SD18 was gone but realized she was still here. She had started her period and asked for a tampon..she never took a shower or ran a brush thru her hair or brushed her teeth and now started her period. Her hygiene habits continue to gross me out....

Got started on laundry and DH states he needs to take SD18 shopping for jeans. We just had a cold snap over the weekend and she needs jeans of course. He wanted to know where to take her and if I wanted to go too. SD18 spoke up and said she liked a little shop nearby, which primarily only sells shirts, not jeans. Her reply... Ohhhh well I need shirts tooooo...

 Uh Nope, not interested in watching DH spend his stupid money on this kid. So he procrastinates asking again if I want to go. Nope. Then he goes on to suggest that I go and get some new work clothes...uh nope. Not interested. I Even made the comment that if I was going to do that today, I would’ve gotten a much earlier start than 3:00. DH is like What!. It’s 3! I had no idea what time it was....we haven’t gone to the grocery store yet. Which honestly I could care less about at the moment. 

So they left. I made sure he plans to drop her off at GMAs once they’re done. SD18 turned at the door as if she was going to say Goodbye or say something...and she just continued out the door. It’s sounds dumb but I want her to understand I’m not on Team SD18. I am not on board with giving her all this crap. I have no feelings towards her whatsoever. I just don’t want her here. 

If DH blows his money on her and it keeps her content and she returns to GMAs that’s fine by me. Report cards come out Wednesday. I know this’ll stay hidden from DH just like her grades did last month when he asked for them. Same ole bullshit...


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She acts very awkward in the house. Like a guest who has never been here before. This was her home for crying out loud. Now suddenly I guess it doesn’t make sense to look for a tampon in the bathroom?? Yet as they’re leaving she’s telling DH she has to have glue sticks for a project she’s working on knowing damn right we’ll between 3 kids we’ve got a huge amount of school supplies in the cabinet. I told her she knows exactly where that stuff is kept, if she needed a glue stick she can get one without Daaaaaaadddyyyy’s help.

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I love that he kept hoping you would go with to buy clothes....would he have asked you to help her pick stuff out too?

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Oh i’m Sure. I have no intention or interest in helping her with anything. This is the same kid who just a few months ago was telling everyone that we never bought her clothes. Yup, she’s been naked for the last 10 years...

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Of course not. DH and I grabbed a quick dinner this evening and SD came up in conversation. DH stating how much he dislikes taking her shopping...all I said was that it’s apparent she really needs to grow up, she’s 18 living in a 14 year old fantasy world. No concept of anything.

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in lala land with runaway.   He still is subscribing to the one big happy family model and trying to force you to have a shopping relationship with SD.