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OT- Extreme Entitlement or Sociopathy?

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Saw this crazy story that originated on Reddit about a father that made his teenage daughter drain her saving account for intentionally ruining her aunt's wedding dress. Although it mentions nothing of blended families, I instantly got skid vibes. It reminded me of an OP on here that divorced her husband after the SD got into her studio and knocked over a sculpture she was working on.

O/T- Dating Profiles Featuring Kids

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I just have to say... I think it’s really gross when people use pics with their kids on their dating profiles. It just feels like a thinly-veiled attempt to tug at one’s heart strings and advertise what a wonderful parent they are. That, and it’s probably a strong indicator that these are Disney parents. 

Am I Even Step Mom Material???

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I had never dated a man with kids prior to to dating my ex so I didn’t truly know what I was getting into. I thought he was a good dad because he was very dedicated and present with his kids. I would’ve never predicted the truth is he’s a lazy parent with anger issues whose’s infatuated with his histrionic daughter. 

Poop on the toilet- Can we talk about this?

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For those with weak stomachs, please don’t proceed.

Although, Im not longer with my ex, I still find myself completely baffled and disgusted by the discovery that ex skid frequently got large amounts of poop on the toilet seat. She was 10 at the time by the way, so this wasn’t an issue of potty training accidents.