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Should be common sense

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My kids bio dad and I agreed that no custody swaps would take place if someone were to become ill, they will stay where they are. Now ss4 and SS3 BM doesn't understand this concept. What so ever. If they get sick, and bring it over here- I'm SOL, I have an immune disease as well as asthma. So I'm pretty sure that's why she's ticked off. It's just common sense! Don't spread it! Even if I wasn't immune compromised!!!Gawd she makes me want to bash my head into the wall at her stupidity. 


She hung it back up....

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SD11 has a collage photo on canvas from when she was 2 with pictures of her and her BM and dad on it. In one of the photos my fiancé and BM are kissing. Keep in mind it's big. She keeps hanging it on her wall. Her dad said she can keep it but it's not appropriate to hang up. Well she's leaving today, I go in her room, and there it is....back up on her wall. I was instantly peeved. Your parents have been divorced since she was 4. It's weird to me. This is my house. It's not that I even care that she has it, it's that she keeps trying to hang it up. In. My. House. 

Work at home nightmare

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I need a safe place to vent. This past week we got the green light to work from home. I'm a probation officer, so this is pretty unheard of in our line of work. Any face to face contact has pretty much been stopped. Doing our visits via video and phone. Well this week was skid week. My bio kids are at their dads so it was just the 3 skids. It's. Been. A. Nightmare. My fiancé works second best so he's been trying so hard to keep the skids quiet. I can't wait for them to leave on Sunday, I feel like I am literally counting down the hours. I feel like a prisoner in my own home. 

End of skid week b*%!# fest

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Dear skids-

Chew with your mouth CLOSED. 

stop with the ear peircing shrieking for attention. 

No, we will not make you something else to eat because you don't like what we're having. 

Clean. Up. After. Your. Self. 

It's rude to say hello to just your dad when I'm literally sitting RIGHT next to him, but be sweet as pie to me when you need something. 

The other kids have rules and follow them, guess what - you have to too!! 




Random stop by the house

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This was so random and maddening. This week the kids are with BM. It's been clear that she has difficulty with rules and discipline so ss4 is a total jerk at her house.....since she will give in and he gets his way eventually. A little backstory. SS3 is going through screenings for Autism and getting set up with a speech therapist. A few weeks ago she was allowed to take him to an appt since it fell on her week. Well ss4 threw a fit at the doctors office and hit BM and gave her a bloody lip. So that kind of sums up how she deals with the kids. 

He headbutted her in the face.....

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So, dear little 4 year old SS headbutted his mother in the face and gave her a bloody lip. As well as screamed "Get me the f*** out of here" while in her car. All which she openly admits. Which is shocking because he doesn't act like that here. He's actually quite calm and sweet. If he acts up, he gets time outs, does his time- the day continues. He sure as heck doesn't drop the F-bomb!  

11 year old SD starting to test me!

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My love and I have been together for about 2 years now, but his daughter only recently has started to test me. Example. The other day she was telling my son she renamed one of the chickens. My son who is 12 was like "um no you can't, she already has a name, it's Ivory". She replied with "well now her name is Maisy". I shut her down pretty fast, reminding her it was my sons chicken and she wasn't changing the name. I asked her how well she would like it if I changed her dogs name. She gave me a look and said "well her name is Maisy". I replied with"No, it's not".