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So this COVID business is an absolute nightmare for blended families. Example: 

At first we let all kids stay where they were so no one passed germs back and forth. Then we started creeping on almost 2 months of this. No one got sick. Fast forward to my soon to be husbands daughter 11 came back last Sunday. Not sick. Everything going fine. Thursday she starts to get a sore throat, fever, cough, says her chest hurts. Continues into Friday. Getting worse. Main complaint is fever and sore throat and extreme fatigue. I'm higher risk but dad is at work and BM no help what so ever. So I give her a mask and I throw on a mask and make her sit in the back seat and I take her in. They put us in an ambulance bay and screen her there. They think she has strep. Strep comes back negative. So my SO takes her to the respiratory clinic today, where they test her for COVID-19. They say it's low probability but to treat her as she is positive until results come back. Fine. I've been sanitizing every single surface I think she has come in contact with. She is in quarantine in her room. My kids can't come back tomorrow and tomorrow is Mother's Day so my heart is hurting a bit. 

I can't wait until this is all over with. Thinking about going somewhere else to stay until her test results are back. :/ 


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We're all looking forward to this being over soon. Stepkids miss their mom their mom misses her kids.

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Not all BMs miss their child unfortunately. Ours was all too happy she doesn't need to see her son because of SIP.

i wish this will be over soon so we can finally get a break.

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I should have said my stepkids miss their mom, and their mom misses them. 

I want a break too.   All the kids are bugging each other and bugging me.

I cook a few meals and put them in containers to bring to bm at the hotel that gets me out of the house.

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BM does not miss her daughter. She's being tested for covid-19 and hasn't checked up on her. It's sad. Her fever was at 103.1 last night, and of course we have to treat her like she's positive until results are back. I can't imagine being 11 and sick and your mom not giving a crap.