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Well winterglow called it

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My "awesome" weekend was to good  to be true! 
First off I left off the part during the neices baby shower on Saturday how there were all kinds of family photos being taken in various groups but I wasn't asked to be in any. Well I kept quiet about it until last night when the neice sent a group text to him, her dad and SD with her latest sonogram photos. I just lost it and started crying. I told him how excluded I feel from his family . DH  was being good at listening and being apologetic but SD called and he picked up! So much for giving a shit about me!

Highlights of my actually awesome weekend with SD16 here

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5 things happened to make this weekend 1000 times better then when SD is normally here:

1) DH was super tired and had a headache Friday night and went to lay on our bed crazy early (like 9ish) so SD actually did what most teenagers do every night - she went in her room and closed the door. I didnt have to have her listening and watching my every move all night.