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Shirts we need to order for next years Fathers Day

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So after reading SMto2's blog, Crr18's blog and my own experience this past weekend I think most of us stepmoms on here should order tshirts that say "I will not be you emotional punching bag!!" and wear it the entire weekend.

Of course this happens at other times throughout the year but I really feel like Father's Day brings to the surface how disappointed these men are with their children and they end up taking it out on us. 

Some details about what set DH off this past weekend include:

How yesterday (Father's Day) went for me...

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So as I mentioned in my other blog SD17 went out to dinner with us and DH's family Saturday night. But of course SHE decided she would be seeig DH yesterday too. (Of course she didnt make plans ahead of time and tell Dh what she was thinking though becasue that would require SD and DH to actually communicate which they never can do.)

Of course!!!

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So we have to go out tonight with DHs family and SD17 as an early Father's Day dinner. She just got here to ride with us and I say to her " No gifts?" And she replies " I thought I was going to see him tomorrow"

It's not his weekend with her and both days she needs to see him??? EO Sunday is our only 2 days a month we get alone without work or other things and now I'll be spending part of it by myself because I refuse to hang  with her tomorrow too!  Yet again DH can't set boundaries or make plans so my day will be fucked!!

Why I wrote what I did about Father's Day

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I come on here when I am upset. I mean really no one comes on here very often to brag about how awesome their husbands and skids are. When things are good we just dont post. 

I posted this past Wednesday becuase SD was here and was back to following DH from room to room. It drives me crazy when she does this and that I dont get even 30 minutes alone with DH some days she is here.

Of course DH was to blame for this. This is what he did:

a) When she first got here and was in her room her told her to come in the office and sit in there while he finished up some work.

Another shitty day in “paradise”…

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So after DH is a shithole towards me he always does the over the top sweet days. (You know the circle of abuse). Well after 4 days it came to an end tonight.  Why??? Because he finally noticed where I had placed SD's graduation photo. I've moved it 4 times in the past month and changed the frame 3 times . If I'm going to have it up in our living room I want it to look nice and so far the frames and placement haven't looked right. 

I can’t catch a break!!!

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So after this past shitty weekend DH and I are nowhere close to being OK. At this point we're just walking around being polite to one another. we only get the two days (yesterday and today) before SD is back again for her Wednesday night visit. Which I dread anyways but even more so when we're not getting along. And now,yet again, his niece texts DH  to say they're "stopping by" to  give SD something!!!