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Is it normal to just not like your DH sometimes? - OT

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So this isn't really step related...isn't associated with skid issues, but DH and I have REALLY been struggling lately.

I don't really have anyone in my personal life to talk to about it so here I am.

I've been seriously considering divorce and if it's the right thing for us to do. I don't hate him, but I feel like if that's where we're heading it would be better to do it when we don't hate each other and are super bitter towards each other so that we can be amicable.

What's the right consequence here?

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SS17 got a job about 9 months ago, it's been really great for him in that he's finally learned some responsibility for himself and it's helped him come out of his shell a bit. The downside is he's been working A LOT of hours, it's gotten up to a scheduled 30 hours a week, working about 6 days a week. DH kept telling him to make sure it wasn't interferring with his school work, as that is the priority, but SS has liked the bigger paychecks and has not reduced his hours. 

Should I say something to BM?

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So if you read my last blog, DH and I sold SS17 my old car and BM tried to tell him that we asked for too much money, and that we're trying to cheat and scam him out of money because of some water damage he caused a while back.

So last night DH and I talked to SS17, pulled up the Kelley Blue Book site, showed him the trade in value vs. the private party sale value, explained to him the difference and talked about the price we sold it to him. We wanted to make sure he felt good about the purchase. 

Noncustodial BM trying out PAS

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SS17 bought a car from BM's brother a while back. It was a complete piece of crap, DH did not get to see it before it was purchased, and tried to trust BM when she explained that it was fine for the price ($600). Well it lasted about 6 months before the tires were bald and it was unsafe for SS17 to drive it anymore. SS17 had been saving up to buy a new vehicle and had a few thousand dollars, but not the full $5,000 he wanted before purchasing. I was planning on buying a new vehicle in July, and was going to save my car for SD13, and SD15 to use.

Fight with DH...not sure where to go (long)

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DH and I have been together for over 6 years. We got together soon after I moved to the state (not knowing anyone) and him going thru a divorce (and losing any friendships he did have because BM "won" those friends). So it's just been the 2 of us most of this time.I have a friend from high school that moved to the area that I go out to dinner with at most every other month. DH started a bowling league that goes every Tuesday after DD18 months was born because he needed to get out of the house for himself.

Follow up to "DH is "sick" again"

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Last week I vented about DH seeming to be "sick" all the time and staying home from work. Well I ended up being the b*^$# in this situation because when I got home I checked his temperature and he had a low grade fever Sad see the blog post here:

Just looking to vent - DH "sick" again

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DH is the typical man (sorry StepTalk guys) that gets the "man cold", if I have that same cold I'm still pushing through and do my daily tasks, at most I'll go to bed an hour or so early. If DH is sick he is laid up in bed, calls in sick to work, and pushes all parenting to me. He'll stay home, do a few things like take care of the chickens (collect eggs and give them food), clean up any dishes left, and maybe do a load of laudry, but then when I get home, he cannot help and is back in bed. 

Very frustrated and feeling defeated today

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I never seem to know where I stand with skids and DH. DH seems to want help "parenting" the skids, but then when I attempt to parent, it seems like he thinks I'm being to harsh. DH and I have different parenting styles....I know this, I know that I'm much more rigid and strict as a parent. As far as parenting the skids, I ALWAYS defer to him when we disagree, I will usually tell him my thoughts, or opinions, but I never force him to choose my way.

SD15 and the teenage angst

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SD15 has always been the most rational out of the skids. She's a good kid, seems to appreciate things the most, and has true empathy for others. Every so often some of that teenage hormone angst rears it's ugly head and she can have an attitude, be rude, and snappy. We've always shut it down, but don't usually worry about it too much as they are few and far between.