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SD15 still gone - 6 weeks

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So if you've read my other blogs, you've seen that SD15 was given the choice to go to BMs because she's been treating everyone in our home like crap, and had to either go, or start treating people like humans. 

So it's been 6 weeks now, and she has not said anything about wanting to come back or even visit.

Update - DH gave SD15 the option to leave

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So after some talks DH learned from BM that SD15 acts the same way at her home. Sounds like BM actually comes down on SD15 more than we ever have for it.

convo between DH and SD15:

DH: have you put some thought into what you want

SD15: it's no my choice it's BM's

DH: so if you got to choose you'd pick going to live with BM instead of just trying to be nice to us the 15 minutes a day you see us?

SD15: yup

DH: ok *then walked away

DH and BM talked and BM offered to let SD15 stay for a couple months to see how it goes. 

OT - Graduation announcements

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Even though SS18 (probably) won't have a graduation ceremony...he's still graduating and we are working on announcements.

DH and I thought it would be fun to just write something silly on the announcement, since there isn't actually ceremony info to list.

DH suggested "he's still graduating, ceremony or not!"

Anybody have any suggestions or clever ideas?

Thanks in advance! 

OT - Recipe request

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So I was able to find a 25pound bag of all purpose flour at Costco yesterday, but still no luck finding (regularly priced) yeast.

Any recipes y'all have to use this flour?! Not just bread, I'm open to anything, muffins, busicuits...what do y'all have!

I have most of the other normal baking stuff, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, shortening, butter, etc.


BM's hours cut in 1/2

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Info: divorce decree says 50/50 parenting no CS either direction. 7 years ago when this was established BM couldn't hadle 50% so BM and DH agreed he would keep skids, and BM would get visitation every other weekend. They also agreed she would pay $700 a month for CS (even tho this was at least $300 less than what the state would set). They wrote up their own agreement, both signed it, and filed it with their other divorce documents even tho its unenforceable because its didnt get signed off by judge. Things have been fine and status quo for 7 years now.

Texas - Child support calculator

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So BM pays DH child support...kind of

They've always been able to agree on things so the child support she pays is significantly less than what the regular state calculator says, and it did not go through the courts, was just agreed upon.

SS just turned 18 and I know that there is going to be a talk about lowering it coming up REAL soon.

On the calculator I've found for Texas there is a portion that says "If you are providing (or can provide) health insurance for your children, enter the monthly premium amount." 

OT - vacation/trip ideas

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So DH and I have a couple trips already planned for just me, him, DD4 and DD2. One of them is to go see my mom, and another one is to go to the beach with some friends with other children around our two's age.

I do like that we can go do some things without the skids, but at the same time I don't want to just not ever take them anywhere because I don't think that's fair. 

I'm looking for affordable trip ideas for all 7 of us (I don't really have reliable overnight child care for DD2 and DD4 so they'd need to come too). Here's more info to help, please give me your ideas!!

Update to bedroom issues with DH

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First of all thanks so much to all that commented with advice and reached out thru PM on my last blog. I was feeling very lost and down.

DH and I actually had a really good weekend, in and out of the bedroom lol

This tends to happen where things seem to be looking up for a short time so I decide to not ruin the good momentum by talking to DH about the issues that are bothering me but I decided not to do that this time.