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Court cannot come soon enough

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So, SS is with mom. We find videos that he posted on his tiktok, one with a voice saying that they were depressed and going to kill themselves (Didn't sound like SS, but in a way did), the other video he typed a message on it saying "should I kill myself?"

BD and I called his phone several times with both our phones with no answer, BD called BM and informed her. She dismissed it claiming that he's just trying to be "tiktok famous" and "that's not his voice." Told BD that he did not have his phone because he was grounded from it.

Child endangerment

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BM demanded to have my SS back tonight despite being under a blizzard warning. She then threatened BD with calling the cops and pressing charges. Great thing to send to the child and family investigator. I hate BM so very much 

Despise the babymama

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She is lazy, irresponsible and demanding. She never drops SS off and never picks him up. She demanded to have him back tonight, didn't even give us a full week with him. When informed that we can't take him because he will be with his grandparents, she demanded that they drop him off so she doesn't have to drive to get him. I hate her with every fiber of my being. No, she is not going to be busy with work or taking care of other kids, she just doesn't want to be responsible for her own child as usual.