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Child endangerment

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BM demanded to have my SS back tonight despite being under a blizzard warning. She then threatened BD with calling the cops and pressing charges. Great thing to send to the child and family investigator. I hate BM so very much 


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She would look pretty stupid calling the police because your DH would not take the kid out in a dangerous situation.

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If the conditions are dangerous.. or would be expected to become dangerous during the round trip journey.. no one would fault him.  If it was a watch... and weather was not imminent... maybe she would have a leg to stand on.  

Iff she offered to come get the child.. would he be ok with that?


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The weather was bad. You could barely see two feet in front of your face. We told her that if she wanted him then she needed to come pick him up but she refused as usual. We didn't take him back.

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Even if she had wanted to come and pick him up, as his parent, your DH had a right to say, "No, my kid is not going to be out in this, period."

No matter who is doing the driving, a dangerous situation is a dangerous situation.

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Oh definitely. She is a pathetic woman and our CFI is now aware of her behavior. We knew she wouldnt come get him anyways and we refused to take him over there. Unfortunately this isnt the first or last time she has/will put his life in danger.

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If they have no CO, why does he keep dancing to her tune? Just tell her NO, it's not safe. If the police show up, tell them there is no court order and they will do nothing.  He has as much right to his child as she does.

He is the real problem here, he's letting her control everything.

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That is actually not true. At first he did because he was fearful that she would just take my SS and run away because that is not uncommon behavior for her. He doesn't let her push him around now that we have a lawyer and court started. We didn't take him to her.

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If BM is abusive, why isn't dad filing for at least having CO and then potentially having custody. Why isn't there a CO?