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This should interesting!

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A new chapter in my disengaging adventure started this week. 

First, according to the PP, DH has SS on Mother's day weekend (per the calendar), but BM gets SS from 6pm Saturday - 6pm Sunday for Mother's day. My ex and I didn't bother with these Hallmark holidays so this schedule is ridiculous to me. 

So much nonsense

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I'm new here but thought I'd start sharing. 

A little back ground - I am BM to 3 BS's - all grown,working, and successfully raising their own families - they are delights to be around. I am SM to 3 SS's - 2 from Wifey#1 who raised (pretty much on her own) 2 delightful, hardworking yound men who are also working and raising their own families, and 1 from BM (wifey#2) who is a trainwreck and her evil spawn didn't fall far from the crack house.